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Wondering what art journaling is?

Art Journaling is a creative process of putting together colour, words, and images on a page. Unlike many other art forms it is not about the end result (although art journal pages can be stunning).

Art Journaling can be many things and an art journal can be used for multiple purposes. It can be a visual journal of your day, somewhere to try out new techniques and art materials, a space for personal exploration, or a place for wild creativity free from expectation or judgement. My art journals are all these things, and each one has evolved according to what I have needed over the years.

One of the things I love about art journaling is that because it is in a book, it can be as private as you wish. This makes it very different from working on a canvas or even paper, in that there is no expectation to hang it on a wall. Hence less pressure. I find that I feel a freedom in my art journal that I don’t feel when I work any other way.

To read a collection of reasons why I love art journaling go here. To see some of my pages go here. To view a tumblr site that shows a changing variety of art journal pages, go here.

“To be nobody~but~yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being could fight; and never stop fighting.”  e. e. cummings

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Art Classes in Term 1 2012

Still @ the centre, a place in which to… create and learn

Our delightful program of ongoing art classes has started again with the addition of a drawing class…. YES, at last, it’s back!

  • Monday 10am – 1pm Face to Face

This class will use  portraiture as a means to play with a variety of drawing techniques and exercises designed to enhance and broaden the participants’  individual mark-making techniques and skills base. The ultimate intention being to create portraits that offer more than just a good likeness but rather express something essential about both the person being portrayed and the drawer’s unique relationship to the sitter.
Materials:  Willow and compressed charcoal, a variety of pencils (2b, 4b, 6b 9b at least), drawing paper, standard and  kneadable erasers. (Please  bring anything else you have and might like to work with.)
8 week  term – 6th Feb to 26th March : $290  – 5 classes $187.5 – 1 class $40

Michelle Dawson has  been shortlisted for several major art prizes in Australia and has recently received a Highly Commended in the 2011 Portia Geach Award for portraiture.


  • Tuesday 10am – 1pm Love Affair with Paint


After some structured sessions to explore adventurous colour palettes, compositions and techniques, enjoy finding your own rhythm –at your own level of experience–, and develop your particular stylistic approach to your chosen subject.
Materials: sketchbook and pencils, acrylic or oil paints, brushes, mediums, palette, palette knives and a medium size canvas stretcher.
8 week  term – 7th Feb to 27th March : $290 – 5 classes $187.5 – 1 class $40


  • Wednesday 10am – 1pm Art Journaling


Experience a range of art techniques and play with them in a safe and private place –your art journal.
Art Journaling combines the fun of mixed media with the benefits of journaling. For beginners, it is a non-threatening, fun entryway into your creativity. For more practiced creatives, it is a place to play and explore.
Materials: Unlined journal, glue stick, scissors, waterproof pen for writing, water based paint and brushes.
10 week  term – 1st Feb to 4th Apr : $350  – 5 classes $187.5 – 1 class $40


  • Friday 10am – 1pm The Joy of Mixed Media


Each class will explore some of the myriad options offered by mixed media –a very contemporary approach to art making–
so bring your own projects (you are welcome even for one class) or be guided into new techniques along the weeks by Turiya Bruce, Golden’s local Artist/Educator.
Materials: A canvas or support and the acrylic paints and painting implements of your choice.
9 week  term – 3rd Feb to 30th March : $315  – 5 classes $187.5 – 1 class $40

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Passionate about art materials…

Still @ the centre is a place in which to… source some of the most amazing art materials from all over the world!

I’m a fan of art supplies (says me, Sabine)… it must have started long ago with pencils and exercise books, but then one day… I had a whole store to play with! It took me months to research hat I wanted for the store and longer debating afterward what I still wanted because, somewhere along the rainbow, the whole thing had turned into a passion and nothing short of a full range of colours, paints, brushes, supports, would satisfy me!!

So, if you are after some technical info on any product or would simply like to know more about oils sticks or pastels, about varnishing a painting, or who is behind a company like Langridge or Blockx, please proceed to my blog…

and I hope you have fun exploring all the pages!

On the other hand if you would like to know what is available in the store, please go to Art SUPPLIES page… you can virtually see the whole store on that page!




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