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a place to learn and create…

Yes Still @ the centre is a lovely place to come and take an art class… Ours are ongoing and offer you personalized tuition with renowned local artists… they have a great atmosphere to them, you can come and go according to your availability or commit to the term and pay less SO be daring… hop on board!

TERM 1 art classes will begin early February (dates differ with each teacher, please check below) and the good news is that the delightful Anne Leon has joined our team of artists/teachers for a experimental mixed media class every Friday…. fun!

And so you are invited to play with your pencils and Michelle Dawson on Monday, with your paints and Bernadette Curtin on Tuesday, with your Art Journal and Zom Osborne on Wednesday, to go with the flow of water(colours) and Harry Westera on Thursday or take your creativity for a mixed media ride on Friday with Anne Leon.

Want to know more, all the details are here

Hope to see you soon…

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Secrets of Creativity… a one day worshop with Zom Osborne

Secrets of Creativity

& how to use an Art Journal to open to Inspiration

will take place on Saturday 2nd of February

10am-5pm @ the Centre

In this workshop Zom Osborne will reveal the secrets of creativity that she has learned from 22 years as a practicing artist.

“Basically what I share is how creativity works, how to call in more  inspiration, what slows creativity and what stops it completely. I call it ‘Secrets of Creativity’ because much of what I reveal is counter to how we have been taught to do things in our daily lives. My creativity expanded exponentially once I discovered these ‘rules’.”

Additionally Zom will share what an art journal is and how it can be an invaluable tool in opening to both your creativity and your inspiration. This is an experiential workshop, there will be lots of doing and experiencing and play. There is a materials list, some or all of which you may already have at home.

You don’t have to be ‘creative’ or have experience in art to benefit from this workshop. Everyone is welcome.

When? Sat 2nd Feb 10am-5pm

Where? Still @ the centre, 3 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay

How much? The cost of the day is $100.

How to book? To reserve your place: a non-refundable deposit of $50, with the rest to be paid any time before or at the workshop. There will be a limited number of places. Please email us if you direct deposit ( Deedre Osborne bsb 484 799 #2009 00370 Suncorp) so that we can write you down as paid.

Want to know more about Zom? If you would like to see some of Zom’s art pages please click here. Zom also has a blog and a Facebook page.

Still some questions? feel free to phone Still @ the Centre:  6685 5808 or  Zom: 6684 9312



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