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Colour in the making… pigments & binders

Pelle pigment bleu 1600 x 1200

This month we are giving place of honour to our delightful -if temperamental- friends, the pigments… after all we owe them every single colour tool in our studios!
Pigments are much much more complex than I first thought but after quite a few years of researching them, I think I know enough now to share this knowledge with you… And so, you are warmly invited to a talk I will give, followed by Q&A, on Thursday 5th May from 5.45 (for a 6pm start).
I decided to change the format a bit from our normal demos but will show how paint is made along the way of telling you many wonderful stories about pigments through the ages and ways men have discovered, made and used them on their never ending quest to appropriate Colour. (Should be informative … and fun!)
See you soon,

This is a free event but please RSVP (6685 5808) so we can organise chairs… Wine and cheese will be provided but if you are in need of more food around this time of the day, please feel free to bring some extra nibbles… and a shawl as evenings are getting a bit cool!


As usual, this month’s theme is linked to a post about it in my blog… This time discover the awesome PIGMENT store in Tokyo where they sell over 4200 different pigments!

PIGMENT store Tokyo-10 for this monthAnd a discount on pigments if ever the mood of making your own paint struck you… or to play with your encaustic wax!

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By popular demand… this month, it’s high flow again!

4b2d4fec-94b8-4ca6-bdd6-aa8544e5a9b6Dear all,
Our demo day last month was so successful, were repeating it this month (fully booked though… sorry!) but I’m sending you this email to let you know…

1) There’s a new blog post on my site where you can learn all about how acrylic paints are made at the Golden factory (if you ever had an interest!)

2) I’ve now completed my pages about
Acrylic Paint
Acrylic Gessos and Grounds
Acrylic Pastes, Gels and Mediums
Acrylic Varnishes

There’s a wealth of info in these pages -not so easily found on the web or even in art materials books- so you might wish to click on above titles now or go to my website
later when in doubt about something acrylic!

3) Of course our monthly discount is still on High Flows…

See you soon @ the centre


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