passion, peace & playfulness…

are our three wishes for you in 2013… plenty of each… every day…

and the rest should take care of itself!

in gratitude of your friendship and support along the years

sabine & vianney

PS We are having a break and will reopen Monday 7th January, normal trading hours thereafter.

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  1. Theresa Atherton

    Marie Sabine Esperance Perrier Amoore Piñon …whither? It seems you will be gone from Byron Bay before I have saved enough to fly there and surprise you and have a chance to meet the undoubtedly wondrous Vianney. MTHOOY…”Miss the heck out of you”. And tell me, c’est vrai, tu n’ai jamais vu “Star Wars”? You have no idea how may times I had a t-shirt made for you, comme ca, cherie. Ta vieille, Theresa in Toronto.

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