A couple of the new things we’ve got in stock…

Look at these lovely artist pencils…

it’s taken me long enough to choose which ones I wanted a whole range of I must say but I’m really happy we now offer Faber Castell’s Polychromos in 120 colours. These pencils are highly pigmented of course and have a good lightfastness. They have a thick oil-based lead, are water resistant and smudgeproof. They are covered with an eco-friendly water based varnish and did you know Faber Castell plants far more trees than they use for their pencils… nice hey? and only $2.80 each!

As for this new gadget…

it’s was invented more for craft type projects as Decorfin relief paint is a water-based decorative paint for effects in relief on paper, wood, textiles, glass and transparent plastic glass (in combination with Decorfin Glass, it can give you a splendid stained glass effect). Ah but did you read textile (as in canvas then?) and paper (as in journals? etc) because what this paint does is create a fine 3D line that can serve as a partition between painted areas and / or, with its pointed nozzle, a very easy to control 3D line of any kind. It comes in a choice of 15 colours (all at $12.10): dark red, green and blue, reddish brown and bronze, colourless, copper, gold, light gold and antique gold, lead grey, pewter, silver, white and we stock them all!


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3 Responses to A couple of the new things we’ve got in stock…

  1. Tet Puzon

    Can I buy individual colors? I do not need the entire set.

  2. Zom

    I love the thought and research that you put into buying your products. I didn’t know that about Faber Castell pencils.

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