Still not a clue?

How is that possible… personally I want to take the whole shop home!

In my twelve days before Xmas I would like (and I’ve been an extremely good girl so….)

1) a field easel

(for some reason simply owning one of these sounds terribly romantic)

photo 1











2) a Bellini frame

(I’ll worry about what to put in it later or maybe just admire it as is)

photo 2

my only problem is which one??

photo 1

3) that encaustic book

(feeling like going a bit waxy over the holidays)


4) + a bar of Langridge’s encaustic medium of course

(not edible but nearly!)


5) a beautiful fountain pen

(to replace the one I’ve had for 40 years but is now leaking really tooooo much)

photo 2_2

6) a black carbon disc from Portugal

(super black, super intense drawing tool)


7) beautiful blank cards and envelopes to make and send some truly personal wishes


8) a travel set of watercolours

(to sit and paint in caf├ęs in terribly far away places and look interesting)

photo 3_3

9) a little suitcase of beautiful paint brushes

photo 4

10) a very big brush

(a must-have-one-at-least-for-bold-days)


11) a few of the crazy, not quite sure yet what for, Catalyst blades and wedges


12) and last but not least, I’m still debating between a full set of Sennelier oil pastels


12/2) or a complete range of Golden fluids

photo 1_3

but maybe that’s pushing it, maybe I wasn’t such a good girl after all??!!

Hope you’ve all been really good to and deserving of all you will get and more… have a fun and peaceful end to this year…

Our very best wishes from us all here @ the centre

Noel, Sabine and Vianney

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