In September… fall in a tub of gel!

Or maybe I should have said…fall in love with a tub of gel! We did have a demo day with the knowledgeable Turiya last Saturday but it filled up so quickly I did not even have time to put it on the website! (If you want invites to our demo days, please send us an email and/or join our loyalty program to get the infos as they come out.)

HOWEVER, you can still…

1) Read my post

Have you ever been tempted to make your own acrylic paint? To be able to give it the exact consistency, colour, sheen of your dreams? Well… Art Guerra has been doing just that for the last forty years in New York City and sharing his recipes with fellow artists too. Curious? click here to read my post in bed with… ArtDSC01204

2) Enjoy the discount!

-10 for this month

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