Still @ the centre… offers dedicated, on site, professional framing

We’ve been doing framing here in Byron Bay for over 2o years… and we still love it!

The best way for us to offer you the professional service you expect is to bring us your artworks… over the phone quotes are a bit tricky as the options are truly infinite. We can offer you hundreds of beautiful moldings, mats and fillets which await your creative combinations to produce the perfect frame for each work you wish to frame… And we love inventing interesting ways of making that frame special: 3D shadow boxes, double or even triple mats, box moldings, float mounts, V grooves, artwork caught between sheets of Perspex or glass, etc. so… challenge us! This been said, we also understand budget can be an issue and are happy to look for cheaper options or help you select one of our ready-made frames…

Consultation and quotes are free but if you wanted to know more about our framing options beforehand, please click here

Nothing too hard or too big to be framed!

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