2018, the colourful year…

Hello everyone, below is the program of our colour demo days in 2018.

My interest in Colour, that endless field of study, is growing stronger all the time and, as most of you know, Sharon Muir has joined our team in Mullumbimby and is a passionate colourist. So we thought we would join forces to offer you a bit of a journey on the chromatic scale… Will you join us?

…the real question being of course: Who’s afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?

Because this one will be a journey of discovery but also of speculation about Colour – it is ever so complex! In truth, we are not embarking without some fear of Red, Yellow and Blue ourselves but with the hope that getting to know colours and pigments hands on will give us a more intimate understanding of them which should, in due course, bring fruitful insights into mixing them and intuiting better how they influence each other so…
Does this sound like some rainbow chasing you might be interested in? Then please join us any time… these eight demo mornings will, as usual, be free. You might not wish (they  will address different levels of knowledge) or be able to attend them all and that’s fine. We will confirm them and take bookings as we go.

Also, some will be complemented with a same day/weekend workshop to delve deeper and get more hands-on knowledge… the best way to learn! (These will incur a fee for the artist/teacher leading them and will need a firm booking.) Some are already listed below, some surprise guests will join the list later with subjects including “Working with a limited palette” & “Monochromatic approaches”  more as soon as we know…

For more information/bookings

please call 0413 357 307

DEMO 1 : Saturday 24th March

  • Morning free demo from 10 till 12.30:         We start at the beginning! With an intro into colour theories and colour wheels over the ages to what is generally accepted nowadays. We will approach the classification and multiple languages of colours existing today (from the rainbow to CMYK, RGB, the Natural Colour System, Pantone, Color Index Name/Number, etc…) and clarify notions such as subtractive vs additive, warm vs cool, etc. You might not need these reminders and want to skip that one but we are thinking that for those beginning their colour quest it will be a great foundation one delivered in a fun way (hopefully more fun than in most of these awful colour books anyway!!)
  • Afternoon mini-workshop with Sharon Muir ($35 including materials – 6 participants minimum) 1.30 till 4.30pm – Create your own colour wheel using the double primary system: If you have been struggling with what colours to include on your palette, or mixing muddy colours that you end up throwing out, or unsure about what colours to mix together to produce the desired colour, or have no idea which colours are warm and which ones are cool, then this workshop is for you.
    We will be working with the double primary palette, which includes a cool and warm version of each of the primaries. We will discuss the advantages of this system but, more importantly, you will get hands-on experience of how it works by mixing your own double primary colour wheel, which will be yours to keep as a valuable studio reference, with plenty of useful tips on mixing with a palette knife.
    The material covered in this workshop is important foundation knowledge. It may sound simplistic, but learning how to mix paint effectively is a crucial skill. Mastering colour mixing is a major leap for any artist and one that can totally transform your painting experience.
    Enjoy the satisfaction of being able to easily mix the colour you want every time, rather than a hit and miss approach.  Once you understand this palette, frustrating attempts at mixing colour will be a thing of the past…and it comes with the bonus of saving paint and time. These principles of mixing can be applied to ALL paint mediums and a wide variety of other art mediums.
    So… don’t be afraid of red, yellow and blue… and join us for a jam-packed day of glorious Colour!

DEMO 2 : Saturday 28th April

  • Morning free demo from 10 till 12.30:      Colour values –  When Picasso declared: “ Colours are only symbols. Reality is to be found in luminance alone.” what are we to understand? And so we dive deeper! Into intensity, hue and value and, while we are at it, we might also ask ourselves some interesting existential questions such as:  How do our eyes see and what is the impact of our visions on our creative choices as most of our vision is in fact colour blind? AND, while we’re at it too, do colours in fact exist?
  • Afternoon mini-workshop with Sharon Muir ($35 including materials – 6 participants minimum) 1.30 till 4.30pm: Understanding how to use values is crucial to the success of any artwork. Value is all about working with a range of lights and darks, and often when a painting is not working, the answer can often be found in the values used, rather than the actual colours themselves.
    An effective beginning to completely understand value is to become acquainted with the value scale. This workshop aims to introduce you to the value scale through the hands on mixing of the beautiful tints, tones and shades of the Monochromatic colour scheme.
    Gradations of value enable us to create the illusion of depth and to render a three dimensional form on a two dimensional surface. Once you develop an awareness of how to use values, you can create a variety of moods and effects that can take your artmaking to the next level.

DEMO 3 : Saturday 26th May

  • Morning free demo from 10 till 12.30:       The Complementaries and the Palette: ‘Mother of all Colours’ – During this morning we will continue to explore the colours that should be present on your palette if you want to use the dual primary system and how the complementary colours work. We will also give eamples of the many ways artists from Old Masters to the present have presented and worked with their palettes.
  • Afternoon mini-workshop with Sharon Muir ($35 including materials – 6 participants minimum) 1.30 till 4.30pm: Expand your knowledge of colour by learning how to use complementary colours to great effect. Understand how this dynamic colour scheme is so important when working with your colour palette. Learn how to recognise and use complements when mixing colour, under painting or glazing. To experience what is possible with this colour scheme, we will mix a selection of complementary pairs on the palette to visually appreciate the beautiful range of neutrals and temperature shift that is created. It also gives us a pathway to mixing strong darks that resemble a black. Once you have integrated the complementary palette into your artistic practice and fully understood how it works, mixing and matching colour and developing harmonious colour schemes becomes effortless.

DEMO 4 : Saturday 30th June

  • Morning free demo from 10 till 12.30:       Using the Munsell system in your palette: a talk by artist Hobie Porter, a practicing fervent of the Munsell system + an update on the Munsell front from Sabine freshly back from the Munsell Centennial Symposium in Boston, Mass.
  • Afternoon mini-workshop with Hobie Porter ($35 including materials – 6 participants minimum) 1.30 till 4.30pm: Practicing the Munsell colour mixing, maximizing chroma across the palette, resources for pigment codes, how to use an app, pitfalls etc.

DEMO 5 : Saturday 21st July

  • Morning free demo from 10 till 12.30:       The Whites, Blacks and Neutral tints/Complementaries – For our first colour to explore… we picked black. There are only a few black pigments on the palette. Maybe no need for more than one you’re thinking but it’s not quite true. Painters were / are even told one is too much and that black should be mixed, never used straight from a tube. Black sin that one! Yet they exist and it also happens that all of the blacks of relevance cover both the totally of Time since man has started using colour and every combination of organic/inorganic, natural/ synthetic, pigment vs lake, you might wish to hear about to understand pigments in general, so I picked black. Our morning should then be informative for those who want to understand more about pigments in general but we will proceed to
    1. Historical white and black pigments vs Modern black & white pigments and what do these contribute to the palette
    2. Chromatic blacks vs true blacks
    3. What are the Neutral greys
  • Afternoon mini-workshop with Sharon Muir ($35 including materials – 6 participants minimum) 1.30 till 4.30pm: Let’s have a go! After the theory… the practice, we are going to open all the tubes!!! Whether in acrylics or oils you will be able to feel for yourselves the differences between Flake, Titanium and Zinc white / Mars, Ivory and Carbon Black. We will also put in the mix some ready-made chromatic black, warm and cool white (from Gamblin) and the range of Neutral Grays from R&F in pigment sticks and in Golden’s acrylic paint! Should be just that little bit awesome!

DEMO 6 : Saturday 25th August

  • Morning free demo from 10 till 12.30:       The Reds, Pinks and Purples (Above approach will try and inform each of the in-depth colour demos)
  • Afternoon mini-workshop TBA/confirmed

DEMO 7 : Saturday 27th October

  • Morning free demo from 10 till 12.30:       The Earth colours, The Yellows and the Oranges (Above approach will try and inform each of the in-depth colour demos)
  • Afternoon mini-workshop TBA/confirmed

DEMO 8 : Saturday 24th November

  • Morning free demo from 10 till 12.30:       The Blues, Greens and Teals (Above approach will try and inform each of the in-depth colour demos)
  • Afternoon mini-workshop TBA/confirmed

See you soon!

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  1. Moira Duffy says:

    Attended first saturday and loved it. Csn you add me to your email list as i am keen to attend all of the above. Sadly will miss April as I am overseas. Many thanks

  2. Inara kent says:

    Would love to book in for the “more condensed form” of complementary colors workshop if you decide to do it. Have been loving every day i have attended so far.
    Sharon and Sabine, two are a splendid team and make the day thoroughly enjoyable and informative for everyone whonis lucky enough to come. Thank you. Inara.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Inara! as you can tell Sharon and I are enjoying ourselves enormously too!

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