Which pencils (and other drawing tools) do we stock?

A hand of graphite holding a charcoal stick… this image probably says most of it!

Since men discovered that charred wood makes great marks, charcoal has been one of man’s best drawing friend… but things have greatly improved recently! There is now on offer a amazing variety of graphite and carbon pencils and sticks, some are woodless and some are wood cased, some are watersoluble and some are not, some are mixed (carbon and graphite), some are in liquid form and some come as a powder, some are hard and some are soft, some are compressed and greasy and some are willow and light, some are dark and some are very very dark, some you can peel and some you need to sharpen, some can write on anything and  some are happier on paper and most… you can erase!

We won’t bore you with long lists here, just pop in, we do try to stock most of the above all the time… and more!

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