Passionate about art materials…

Still @ the centre is a place in which to… source some of the most amazing art materials from all over the world!

I’m a fan of art supplies (says me, Sabine)… it must have started long ago with pencils and exercise books, but then one day… I had a whole store to play with! It took me months to research hat I wanted for the store and longer debating afterward what I still wanted because, somewhere along the rainbow, the whole thing had turned into a passion and nothing short of a full range of colours, paints, brushes, supports, would satisfy me!!

So, if you are after some technical info on any product or would simply like to know more about oils sticks or pastels, about varnishing a painting, or who is behind a company like Langridge or Blockx, please proceed to my blog…

and I hope you have fun exploring all the pages!

On the other hand if you would like to know what is available in the store, please go to Art SUPPLIES page… you can virtually see the whole store on that page!




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