Art Spectrum : Artists Pigmented Acrylic Inks, Charbonnel : “Aqua Wash” Etching Ink, Daley Rowney : FW Artist Pigmented and Pearlescent Acrylic Ink, Derwent : Inktense blocks and pencils, Golden : Fluid and especially High Flow Acrylic colours, Langridge: Artists Pigmented Acrylic Inks, Sennelier : Traditional Shellac based Coloured “Indian” Inks & Traditional “A la Pagode” China Drawing Ink, Talens’ Ecoline (a liquid watercolour really but mixes nicely with ink or can replace it).


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  • ART SPECTRUM : Artists Pigmented Acrylic Inks (500ml bottles or assorted 50ml)

Brilliant, water-proof, lightfast colours, suitable for most surfaces. Unlimited mixing potential. Liquid Spectrum is a non-toxic, acrylic based artists’ colour. It is suitable for use with brush, pen, colourshapers or airbrush and will adhere to most clean, non-greasy surfaces including paper, board, metal, glass, certain types of plastic, acetate and fabric. The brilliant transparent colours of Liquid Spectrum have many applications. They can be used wet in wet, for graduated and multi-coloured washes, for tinting paper, calligraphy, mixed-media works and even as a ‘traditional’ watercolour when diluted with water. This pigmented ink is very economical and great for study work as a result.


  • CHARBONNEL : AQUA WASH Etching Ink 17 colours and 7 blacks   (60ml tubes or 150ml tins)

The Aqua Wash range meets all the criteria for «artist» quality inks. It has a high pigmentation concentration identical to that of standard etching inks, and can be used in all intaglio printing techniques: such as engraving, dry-point, mezzotint, etching and aquatint, as well as monotype and relief printing techniques such as linocut and wood prints. Several years were required to establish the perfect stability of the Aqua Wash colours and ensure the highest quality: a quality on which Charbonnel’s reputation has been built. The binder is composed of several oil emulsions. Its adhesive quality, its flexibility and its yellowing characteristics are identical to those of traditional oils. The only difference being that you can wash hands, materials and tools with… water! Art schools and an increasing number of print workshops are now seeking hydrosoluble solutions in order to respect safety precautions, the environment and owing to the toxicity of the solvents, recycling, etc. Launched in April 2010, a period of several years was required to confirm the perfect stability of the colours and ensure a quality that was identical to traditional inks (solvent washable). These genuine oily inks for use in all techniques whether etching or relief printing must not be confused with water and resin based inks such as gum Arabic or cellulose-tempera based inks that can be «re-softened» and are limited to monotype or relief techniques (linocut, wood engraving).


  • DALEY ROWNEY : FW Artist Pigmented Acrylic Inks 38 colors  30ml bottle

FW Artists’ Ink is an acrylic mica based pigmented water resistant ink in a range of 38 Inks, all of which have either a 3 (normally permanent) or 4 (highly permanent) star rating. Such a degree of lightfastness over such a range of fully intermixable colours makes them ideal for use by artists in the production of pictures for permanent display. The inks, being pigment based, are strong and rugged. Equally, however, colours can be substantially diluted to achieve the most subtle of tones, very similar in character to watercolour. Such washes will dry to a water resistant film and successive layers of colour can be laid over in highly predictable manner. Many graphic artist’s and illustrators will enjoy the particular handling and colour characteristics of FW and can be assured at the same time of permanence as well as good reproduction. FW Artists’ Inks work well through fine nozzle airbrushes and technical pens down to 0.18 nib thickness which can be cleaned by using Airbrush Cleaning Fluid.


  • DALEY ROWNEY : FW Artist Pearlescent Acrylic Inks  21 colors  30ml bottle

FW Pearlescent Acrylic Inks… are they an ink or an acrylic paint? The answer is… YES! (It’s actually both!) This truly unique range of water based acrylic inks are similar to the FW Acrylic Artist’s Inks in that they are water resistant when dry. However, these inks produce a beautiful shimmering pearl effect which changes as the light strikes from different angles and can be thinned with water to use as a wash, or used with a quill pen to produce lines. Available in gorgeous colors that will add life to your calligraphy, watercolor and acrylic art work! Since these are water based acrylic inks, they can also be added to your other acrylic paints to “punch up” the colors and create your own metallic effects.


  •  DERWENT : Inktense blocks available individually or in boxes of 12 or 24 blocks

These chunky water-soluble ink blocks bring a new sense of freedom and colour to your drawing and painting! Dry Inktense blocks deliver pure vibrant colour but when completely washed out it is transformed into a translucent ink-like paint which, when dry, can be worked over. The blocks are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of creative effects. You can use them like pans of paint, apply colour directly to wet or dry paper and use them on their side to cover large areas quickly. The blocks complement the Inktense range perfectly opening up an exciting world of endless possibilities. They can also be used on fabric to create stunning silk paintings and quilts.


  • DERWENT : Inktense pencils 71 colours + 1 outliner

Turn your pencils into ink in just one wash! Pen and ink offers strong, intense colour combined with a translucent effect. Now you can enjoy these distinctive qualities in an easy to use pencil. Inktense has a highly blendable texture and comes in a range of 71 jewel-like colours, plus a non-soluble outliner which allows you to draw outlines that are permanent, even when water is applied. Apply pure, vibrant dry colour then wash the pigment out completely to leave an ink-like effect. Once dry, the colour is permanent and can be worked over with other media. The possibilities are endless, the results stunning. Inktense pencils can be used on fabric to create interesting silk paintings and unique quilting projects.


  • GOLDEN : Fluid Acrylic Colours 68 colours including 12 Iridescent / Interference colours Available in 30ml and 119ml plastic bottles

Fluid Acrylics are highly intense, permanent acrylic colors with a consistency similar to a flowing cream. Produced from lightfast pigments, not dyes, they offer very strong colors with very thin consistencies. No fillers or extenders are added and the pigment load is comparable to the Heavy Body Acrylics. When mixed with water, the Fluids are very useful for staining or watercolour techniques. In addition to paper, suitable surfaces include raw or gessoed canvas. Fluid Acrylics dry quickly and are not water-soluble when dry which makes them very close to an ink. While this will limit the ability to remove color, it results in background washes that stay in place when overpainting. It also allows for much more distinct, sharp edges when painting over dried colors, compared to watercolors which re-solubilize and bleed together. A single application of a Fluid Acrylic stain will create an intense color, while watercolors typically take several layers to get the same intensity. Golden Fluid Acrylics, inks and watercolours can also be used together to take advantage of their various attributes.

  • GOLDEN : Fluid Acrylic Colours 49 colours including some iridescent and fluo colours Available in 30ml and 119ml plastic bottles


These are even more like an ink than a paint, as they flow effortlessly from a brush (great for little details) but of course can also simply be poured for staining or used as a wash. They can be used as is in an airbrush and you can fill markers and other technical pens with them too. (We stock some empty markers just for that purpose here.) Maybe a third of the range are transparent colours (sometimes existing in both transparent and not) which presumably would be the best ones for washes.


  • LANGRIDGE Artists Pigmented Acrylic Inks (13 colours 125ml bottles)

Permanent, lightfast, acrylic-based, suitable for most surfaces, these well priced good quality inks are suitable for use with brush, air brush and dip pen.


  • SENNELIER : Shellac based Coloured “Indian” Drawing Inks (27 colors 30ml bottles)

Often, the traditional shellac ground pigment inks have been replaced by the more brightly coloured transparent dye inks that most art manufacturers now offer.  However, the unparalled richness and unique style evident in the satine sheen and opaque appearance is only achieved using these traditional inks. Due to the shellac base, these inks are not recommended to be diluted with water or used in an airbrush. For best results, use a nib pen and brush, fingers or sponge to manipulate the ink. Note: Each bottle comes with a special rubber dropper top to fill nib pens and minimise waste and these inks dry waterproof.


  •  SENNELIER : Traditional “A la Pagode” China Drawing Ink (30 / 125 / 250/ 500ml & 1litre)

This famous ink, known for 100 years as ‘A La Pagode’ is made in the same traditional style of shellac based with ground lampblack pigment. The effect offers stunning blackness with an almost bluish mass tone and a high lustre. Washed onto areas with a brush will produce an effect like that of Japanese lacquer, and from the nib pen, a deep dense black on the finest lines. Dries to a waterproof line that may be washed over with watercolour.


  • TALENS : Ecoline 46 brillant colours + opaque white (30 ml bottles)

Ecoline colours are ready to use liquid watercolour paint for diverse creative applications, they have excellent adhesion to drawing and watercolour papers and boards. They are not as lightfast as a good ink and they dry to a quite mat finish but they are good value and come in a really wide range of colours, in a handy bottle with a wide neck.

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