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Still @ the centre… a place in which to giclee print

Our very large printer!

Whether you design your artwork here or bring it on file, you can print it here on our VERY large format printer… the ultimate in colour consistency. If your photo/artwork needs retouching or enhancing before printing, you can do it yourself on our computers or ask our Photoshop specialist to do it with you or for you.

What is Giclée printing? is a question often asked. Well… for a bizarre reason the French word “giclée” (a feminine noun that means a spray or a squirt of liquid) was chosen worldwide to describe the sort of printing these fine art printers do… must admit that these little nozzles do squirt the ink on the media! What it really means -for you who choose to “giclée print”- is reproduction of your artworks and photos (actually any digital file) in a quality only lithography or high quality professional printing could give you before. It’s a great option for the one off print which it can do far more cheaply than these options… adopted by many artists these days choosing to “print as they go” (i.e. as soon as one is sold/ordered, a reprint or print to size is ordered. No stock, no deterioration of prints, no commitment to size… perfect!).


How can I be sure I’m getting the best print, the biggest choice of media, the best advice about the quality of my file…? Price wise we know we are not the cheapest on the market but for the quality we offer… that could be debatable! Because, we have chosen to offer everyone who prints here artist quality and an extensive choice of media…

  • our Epson Stylus 11880 printer is 1.6 metres wide (the length only stops with the roll!) and uses 9 Ultrachrome inks (including 2 vivid magentas and 3 blacks) and we only use genuine inks;
  • we picked the best canvas / paper for fine art and art photography from Breathing Color, Ilford, Arches, Epson and Hahnemühle. All these are museum quality papers, free of acid and optical brightener, with a neutral PH. They offer excellent resistance to discoloration. We usually also have in stock a variety of interesting supports such as linen, silk, fabric banner, self-adhesive vinyl or backlight film which really offer new alternatives for your creativity;
  • we stretch in house your canvas prints and do so on the best quality stretcher bars (in a choice of 3 sizes), with our usual custom framing touch (for more info please go to stretching);
  • and last, but not least, we are happy to advise you on what to print, to check your file quality, to improve/retouch your image in Photoshop if you so wish…  to obtain the very best result!

So, what can you print on?

  • Canvas? Our canvas is the best! Breathing Color canvas is a highly textured, 100% American cotton, UV archival canvas. It has a bright white water resistant coating specially developed for giclée printing and has the authentic irregular look of a real cotton product. Ideally suited for fine art reproduction, it’s acid free for archival longevity. All our prints have the additional protection of a specially formulated premium art spray to help combat UV and moisture exposure.
  • Photographic Paper? Our range consists of Metallic Pearl, Premium Gloss, Fine Art Pearl, Satin and Enhanced Matt, all of archival quality.
  • Fine Art Papers? We have a large selection of the Hahnemühle’s Art Collection including the German Etching which is a velvety smooth paper with a fine surface texture (the closest to watercolour paper), Fine Art Pearl with its lightly textured grain is a classic with photographers, Photo Rag 308 is a fine smooth rag paper and probably the most popular all rounder, and finally the three newcomers ecopapers: Rice, the latest addition to this range, is a 100gsm paper particularly suited to ink washes, etching and pencil reproduction, it has the feel of an authentic japanese art paper! Bamboo has a velvet feel while Sugarcane is more granular and both papers are fabulous for reproducing watercolour or mixed media originals.
  • Linen? Banner Fabric? Backlit film? Self-adhesive Vinyl? Specialty media can give some unusual results and be used in situations you may not have thought of before. All these media types have true image reproduction and good tear resistance and durability.
Artist Candida Baker in front of a very large print on canvas of her artwork

What will it cost?
It obviously depends on size and media. So hereafter some common sizes and prices on the media we usually have in stock. When comparing prices, please also remember to compare quality… we have chosen to use high quality supplies and to give you professional service and workmanship in handling  your job… it all counts in the end!

The easiest way to work out the price of your printing job is the following
1) work out the final size you want (incl. borders) eg: you want a 35cm x 120cm print
2) choose your paper or media eg: you want a print on Linen
3) calculate your total surface eg: multiply 0.35 x 1.20 = your surface is 0.42m2, and
4) multiply by the m2 price eg: in this case $193 x 0.42 = your print cost is $81.06 m2 price

Hereafter a few standard sizes…                                                 m2 price / A3: 297 x 420 / A2: 420 x 594 / A1: 594 x 841 /A0: 841 x 1189
Backlit Film (max width: 61cm)                                                         $ 150                $19                  $37.5                $75                 $150
Bamboo (Hahnemuhle 290gsm)  (max width: 1.11m)                   $ 264               $33                  $66                   $132                $264
Banner Fabric  (max width: 1.27m)                                                   $ 190                $24                  $47                   $95                  $190
Canvas (Breathing Color 450gsm)   (max width: 1.52m)              $ 220                $27                  $55                   $110                $220
Enhanced Matt Paper (Epson 189gsm) (max width: 1.62m)       $ 150                 $19                  $37.5                $75                  $150
Fine Art Pearl (Hahnemühle 285gsm)   (max width: 1.62m)       $ 264                $33                  $66                   $132                $264
German Etching (Hahnemühle 310gsm)(max width: 1.11m)       $ 240                $30                  $60                  $120                $240
Linen (Belgian 5.5oz)(max width: 1.11m)                                         $ 220                 $27                  $55                   $110                $220
Metallic Pearl (Chromajet 255gsm)  (max width: 1.11m)              $ 190                 $24                  $47                   $95                  $190
Photo Rag 308 (Hahnemuhle 308gsm)  (max width: 1.11m)       $ 240                $30                  $60                   $120               $240
Premium Gloss Photo (Epson 250gsm) (max width: 1.11m)        $ 150                 $19                  $37.5                 $75                 $150
Rice paper (Hahnemuhle 100gsm) (max width: 1.11m)                $ 150                 $19                  $37.5                 $75                 $150
Satin Photo (Ilford 250gsm)  (max width: 1.11m)                           $ 150                 $19                  $37.5                 $75                 $150
Self-adhesive vinyl (matt 335gsm)  (max width: 1.06m)               $ 190                 $24                  $47                   $95                 $190
Sugarcane (Hahnemühle 300gsm) (max width: 1.11m)                 $ 240                $30                  $60                   $120              $240

NB : Our minimum charge is A3 size (297 x 420) which covers handling etc… but we are happy for you to fill that size with as many images as you want! If you want to get a precise quote on you size/media, please give us a call.

And if you are printing on canvas you also need to know that… we stretch your canvases on 32 x 30mm pine stretcher bars with bracing according to size on the corners and/or across (55 and 70mm stretcher bars are available at additional cost). The stretched price includes a natural white ‘canvas’ edge/border for stretching. If you choose to use either the image, an extension or a solid color for your wraparound, please add 10cm to your final size to work out price (ie for a 30cm x 30cm stretched canvas, we actually need to print 40cm x 40cm). If you require elaborate extensions for a stretched canvas or complex retouching, we will charge you at the rate of $60 an hour. Because canvas prints are usually stretched, hereafter please find some common size print and print + stretch prices… if yours is not there…ask for a quote!
                                                       Print alone   Print stretched

A3 or smaller: (29.7 x 42cm)    $27                        $66
A2 (42 x 59.4cm):                       $55                        $111
A1 (59.4 x 84.1cm)                      $110                      $189
A0 (84.1 x 118.9cm):                  $220                     $345

30 x 60cm :                                 $40                        $90
50 x 50cm :                                 $55                         $110
50 x 75cm :                                 $83                         $152
50 x 100cm :                              $110                        $193
75 x 75cm :                                 $124                       $207
75 x 120cm :                               $198                       $305
75 x 150cm :                               $248                      $387
100 x 100cm :                            $220                      $330
100 x 150cm :                             $331                       $485
100 x 200cm :                            $441                      $672
150 x 150cm :                             $496                     $727
150 x 225cm :                             $744                      $1033
150 x 300cm :                             $992                     $1339

To save time and ensure the best quality, please supply us with files suitable for high quality prints (300 DPI or more) in TIFF, JPG, PSD, Raw… but not PDF or EPS. Our prices include resizing of your image and minor calibrations. Extensive Photoshop alterations will be charged on a $60 per hour basis.

Finishing the work
With every print job comes a number of in-house professional finishes… and many more on option.
Canvas prints get sprayed to provide protection from UVs, dust, moisture, mould and abrasion.We can then streched them on the highest quality stretcher bars (3 different depths available) with professional fittings at the back.
Paper prints on art paper can also be sprayed to provide protection from UVs, dust, moisture, mould and abrasion.
On option, we can also offer you a rough-edge hand-cut trim around your prints and mounting of prints to rigid substrates like foam or Gatofoam board. We stock natural, white and black Gatofoam which is stronger than normal foamboard and better than MDF as it is very light and acid free.
We have an extra wide laminator (1.6m) and for added protection, lamination will give your prints extraordinary toughness, water and UV resistance, preventing damage and adding years to their lives. Especially useful when the print is to be moved regularily or is exposed to less than ideal environmental conditions.
Presenting your artworks and prints sandwichwed between a matboard and foamboard is increasingly popular. You can then choose to shrinkwrap them too.
Of course, if you decided to frame your print… our inhouse custom framing then offers you a huge choice of mouldings, matts, filets and… prices!

For all other questions please call in the shop, Thank you

Please note that we do try and keep our prices up to date on this website, but cannot guarantee that they always are valid as our suppliers alter their prices without notice too!
If you want to be sure of our current price, please contact us.


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      Our printer has just died! NO more printing here I’m afraid. YOu could try Graphic expressions also in Byron’s Industrial estate. all the best Sabine

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