Aluminium panels

Introducing the Aluminium Painting Panel, the newest painting panel in our range. With a thickness of 3mm, this modern painting surface is made from two sheets of aluminium with a polyurethane core, making the panel both light and very strong. Aluminium Painting Panels have been used for many years in the signage industry and the arts community are now embracing this incredible product as a painting surface.

The Aluminium Painting Panel is coated on one side with a protective layer that has a brushed silver finish. We recommend painting on the other side, which has an exposed aluminium surface. The panels can be lightly sanded and primed like any other surface, or artists can paint directly onto the reflective metal.


Offers a perfectly flat surface, without knots or imperfections.
Light weight but strong, perfect for larger works.
Will not warp in humid environments.
Can be cut to size at home with a sharp utility knife and cutting mat.
The reflective metal can be painted on directly or primed.
Takes up minimal storage space in the studio.


Understanding an aluminium surface and how it behaves with primers, paints and mediums you might chose to use. We recommend that you rtet, experiment and gt to know what that surface can do. Most full-bodied paints will adhere easily to uncoated panel, however to achieve est long term results we recommend you prime the metal surface to prevent oxidation over time.

Priming steps:

1) Wipe down the panel with grease remover from previous processing or fingerprints

2) Lightly sand as this will create a tooth that will further assist with adhesion of primer. Clean any debris form sanding

3) Prime with the primer most appropriate for the work you want to do… acrylic primers work best, and a clear one if you wish to keep the reflective narture of the aluminium.

30.5×30.5 $ 20.80
30.5×40.6 $ 22.90
45.7×61 $ 42.00
61×61 $ 46.70
61×76.2 $ 48.50
61×91.4 $ 51.60
61×122 $ 53.80