Laser printing

Still @ the centre… a place in which to laser print
If you are not after artist quality printing then you can print your files (any type) here on our computer connected colour laser printer (up to A3 size and 160g paper). As it can also fold, staple, bind, that photocopier/printer could also be the perfect one to give the finishing touch to these posters, invitations, programs, booklets you’ve just invented… We also carry in stock some specialty and colour papers that can go through the printer.

Laser Photocopies
A4 Color: x1: $1.60   Black and White: x1: $0.35
A3 Color: x1: $3.20        Black and White: x1: $0.65

Laser prints from digital files
A4 Color: x1: $2.60   A3 Color: x1: $4.20
For 160gr paper add $0.20 for A4, $0.40 for A3,
for 250gr paper add $ 0.30 for A4, $0.50 for A3


Please note that we do try and keep our prices up to date on this website, but cannot guarantee that they always are valid as our suppliers alter their prices without notice too! If you want to be sure of our current price, please contact us.

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