Still @ the centre… a place in which to scan

If you need professional scanning of your artworks and /or large scans we can recommend someone locally. Here at the centre we do not have a professional scanner but can offer simple scans of flat surfaces up to A4 in the highest resolution. We can also scan up to A3 size but only up to 300dpi. We are also equipped to scan from films, slides, transparencies, etc.

Scan to file
There is a flat $10 fee, whatever the size up to A3. If you have many, we can charge you by an hourly rate but then why don’t you come for an hour or two and do them yourselves… that would be cheaper!

Which is the original?





















Please note that we do try and keep our prices up to date on this website, but cannot guarantee that they always are valid as our suppliers alter their prices without notice too! If you want to be sure of our current price, please contact us.

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