Crazy about paint? Then you’ll love our loyalty program…

1) You will be invited to our FREE demo days, in which an artist will give you information, demonstrate how to use specific products or ranges and you’ll be able to get hands on too!

2) Every month, usually hand in hand with the demo, we’ll take off 10% on some products or an entire range range AND we will add that purchase on your loyalty card too because…

3) ALL year round and on EVERY book or art supplies purchases you make that goes on your card will deliver in time
a $ 50 voucher when you hit $ 500 dollars on your card…. that’s a 10% discount,
a $ 125 voucher when you hit $ 1000 dollars on your card…. that’s a 12.5% discount
a $ 300 voucher when you hit $ 2000 dollars on your card…. that’s a 15% discount


  1. NO minimum purchase to start your card!
  2. NO boring card to carry around, forget to bring or lose… WE keep your card.
  3. Each subsequent book or art material purchase, including canvas, is recorded and will add to your card’s tally and… cards stay valid indefinitely.
  4. The purchase of any art materials -including gift vouchers- may contribute to your card’s tally except items already on discount or promotional offers if not stated (and yes unfortunately that included the 6 for 5 canvas offer!).
  5. Purchases made using a voucher will not be added to your card’s tally.
  6. If any goods are returned to our store, then the value will be deducted from your card’s tally.

start one next time you’re in the store… it all adds up in the end!

PS: Although we do not anticipate to do so, we do reserve the legal right to withdraw this offer at any time.

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