Happy Easter everyone!

We shall be closed from Thursday 5.50pm to Tuesday 9.30am…. but you know what to do… paint some eggs, have fun at the Blues Fest and… don’t eat too much chocolate!


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Coming full circle in acrylics


At some stage last year, the full circle of acrylics was completed. For the first time ever, one could play with anything from a heavy body paint all the way to an acrylic ink, staying in the same range of professional artist quality paint, just as highly pigmented one from another… simply, well, totally different!

We thought it was time we offered a demo day to explore all these options and artist and Golden educator Turiya Bruce seemed just the one to guide us gracefully through this maze of options. You will get your brushes into all these tubes and bottles but we will concentrate on the little new one, the High Flow, and all its opportunities for pouring, glazing, airbrushing, filling markers… etc.!

Join us on Saturday 19th March from 11am to 1pm. This is a free event (please book by calling 6685 5808) and commitment is essential!!!



As always here is a relevant link to my latest blog post about the Golden residency offered in their beautiful “barn” in up state New York… you want to go there, promise!

And too a little discount for the month of March to entice you try out the High Flows… see you soon!


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Love, freedom. peace…

… during our sweet colouring in day those three words appeared as if by magic on the very very big Xmas card Maria Wilson designed for us so I’ll borrow them to wish the same to you, yours and to all!Full pictSEE YOU NEXT YEAR

Shop closed until Monday 4th, same times, same place…

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Doodles, zentangles and other colour pencils delights

Be silly and join our mad colouring-in Xmas tea party!


Hello everyone,
we thought this time of year called for a not too serious approach to art materials and since we’ve sold more coloured pencils in the last months than we have since we’ve opened the shop, we decided to invite you to a CrazyColouringTeaParty from 10am till 12 on Saturday 19th December with beautiful texta artist Maria Wilson who will help you get loose and have even more fun!!!

280188cd-84d1-4615-b289-55ce330acd58Maria has created a Xmas card and we have printed it… BIG!! We will provide the whole beautiful new Tombow range of markers to test and play with, some pencils of course, tea, coffee, music and cakes but, past that, we need your colouring talents! We will also ask (no obligation) for a gold coin donation (which we’ll match dollar for dollar) because we are hoping to deliver not only this huge card to the Liberation Larder but also a few $$ for an even sweeter Xmas lunch!

956f06d3-bd36-482b-b347-f5b6831b37a5AND, since they are our monthly promo, you also get a discount of pencils, markers and colouring books until Xmas…

f5f12769-1cb2-4b26-ba87-b70f6252d143… one last note while we are on the subject…

you can also read my final blog post of the year:
“2015, the year of… the pencil”
by clicking here

and/or my new page
“All about Coloured pencils”
… by clicking here!

See you all next year… if not before…
have a beautiful, creative and safe holiday!
Michelle, Noel,
Sabine & Vianney
(PS: Shop closed from 25th Dec til Monday 4th January)

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In November… become a little bit waxy!

Hi everyone,

another month, another medium… In November we will concentrate on these beautiful lipstick-like drawing tools, the divine pigment stick! Read all about my visit to R&F, one of the two brands we carry by clicking here.


Discover them for yourself during our demo day with Michelle Dawson on Saturday 21st November (11am till 1pm) , please call  02 6685 5808 and express your interest if you want to join us.

And of course… a little discount to support your new passion!

-10 for this month


See you soon in the centre…

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A graphite putty? really?

To all of you out there who like quick sketching, life drawing, big marks… check out the new baby we have just received at the centre… See you soon!!! (even bigger size available in November)

Graphite Putty ball

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In September… fall in a tub of gel!

Or maybe I should have said…fall in love with a tub of gel! We did have a demo day with the knowledgeable Turiya last Saturday but it filled up so quickly I did not even have time to put it on the website! (If you want invites to our demo days, please send us an email and/or join our loyalty program to get the infos as they come out.)

HOWEVER, you can still…

1) Read my post

Have you ever been tempted to make your own acrylic paint? To be able to give it the exact consistency, colour, sheen of your dreams? Well… Art Guerra has been doing just that for the last forty years in New York City and sharing his recipes with fellow artists too. Curious? click here to read my post in bed with… ArtDSC01204

2) Enjoy the discount!

-10 for this month

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In August it’s all about the brush…

Freshly made from sustainable ingredients in an ethical manner, seeped in olive oil and family tradition… might not be words you immediately associate with your brushes!


And yet, there is a family in Spain, on the outskirts of Barcelona to be precise, who have been making elegant and intelligent brushes (yes, yes that too!) for eighty years exactly. To read the full story, click here

Meanwhile, just a few more days to get that coveted sable brush or very large hog one… at a discount!


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Are you a fan of art materials?


If you are a fan of art materials then you should discover my blog: inbedwithmonalisa.com

For some years now I have been writing this blog (on and off mind you as I was pretty busy in the shop too) and, behind the screen, collecting more knowledge about art materials whilst visiting all over the world the lovely people who make your brushes, paints, pastels and paper!
I have now chosen to super charge with information all those pages in the back of the site and to share with you all the articles I have written about my visits.
Browse the site… it’s far from done but there are already some good pages. You could check out my new Pigments pages by clicking here, however, your interest might be more in oil paint, oil sticks or brushes so click on those.
If you choose to subscribe to my blog, you will received directly in your mail all my upcoming pages and articles… please feel free to do so… I would so love to grow this community!
Spreading the love and the paint,

PS By the way, I am not selling anything on this blog, you can safely just read and, if you enjoyed it, share with friends, t’is all about the passion, nothing else!


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Hooray, hooray… big colour tools for little hands!


Hello everyone,
a last minute message to let you know our new kid’s corner has officially opened yesterday with the arrival of the beautiful Lyra and Stockmar stand. As usual, we have gone for great quality in our choices, we have also picked the most environmentally friendly art supplies for kids available (the green earth range from Micador for example). This being said, we have also made very dollar conscious choices too!
So come and have a look. You should find something to encourage the creativity of your little ones, from 2 years old onwards… even on a small budget!

See you soon @ the Centre
Non toxic, vibrant, large colour tools for the 2 to 4 years old

Non toxic, vibrant, large colour tools for the 2 to 4 years old

Metallics, fluos, 3D, watersoluble pencils, pastels, paints and much much more!

Metallics, fluos, 3D, watersoluble pencils, pastels, paints and much much more!

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