Golden ingots

Finally, there they are… the sensational Golden ingots…  an advanced series of technical experiences with Golden Acrylics!! And to help you find your way in the maze of mediums and gels, you will have a lovely and talented guide, Turiya Bruce, our own local accredited Golden Artist/Educator… she loves pushing the boundaries with art materials while maintaining your integrity and own artistic voice. (

The 7 first weeks we will discover how to create sensual surfaces… here you will be invited to play with selected Golden paints and mediums and other medias to create beautiful and interesting grounds.

Week 1. Saturday 10th Aug Textures with papers, paint and mediums

Here we use Fluid matte medium, soft gel gloss and fluid paints to create a beautiful ground.

Week 2. Saturday 17th Aug     Transfers, colour and carbon

Discover the secrets of those tricky and wonderful artful adjuncts.

Week 3. Saturday 24th Aug     Skins

Play with mediums and colour to make simple and unique accessories for your collage pieces.

Week 4. Saturday 31st Aug     Palimpsest

Layers and the give and take of your painting’s history with Fluid colours.

Week 5. Saturday 7th Sept    Text as texture

Creating grounds for future work with our old friend the written word.

Week 6. Saturday 14th Sept     Resists, stencils and monotype

A new approach to monotyping with clear gel mediums, old works and Fluid colours.

Week 7. Saturday 21th Sept     Chemical reactions

Oxidising and displacing colour for beautiful grounds.


Classes run from 10.30 to 12.30. Price for all 7 classes $25 x 7: $ 175, individual class $30. This includes tuition and all the paint, gels and mediums. Please bring your own support and your brushes. Also our colour selection might not be to your taste so feel free to bring your own paint!


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This is a little announcement about our new Facebook page…

(99 years after everyone else haha!)

Code name: Still at the centre

Address: to go there… click here

Content: We would love it to become an Arts community meeting and sharing page with news of opportunities, openings, achievements etc. Please feel free to send us some info about what’s going on in your art life and career that might interest all of us!

Sabine and Vianney

PS: and our apologies to all those who liked our previous page (Stillat TheCentre) it was dormant all these years and it will be canceled soon so please Like us on the new page!

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A couple of the new things we’ve got in stock…

Look at these lovely artist pencils…

it’s taken me long enough to choose which ones I wanted a whole range of I must say but I’m really happy we now offer Faber Castell’s Polychromos in 120 colours. These pencils are highly pigmented of course and have a good lightfastness. They have a thick oil-based lead, are water resistant and smudgeproof. They are covered with an eco-friendly water based varnish and did you know Faber Castell plants far more trees than they use for their pencils… nice hey? and only $2.80 each!

As for this new gadget…

it’s was invented more for craft type projects as Decorfin relief paint is a water-based decorative paint for effects in relief on paper, wood, textiles, glass and transparent plastic glass (in combination with Decorfin Glass, it can give you a splendid stained glass effect). Ah but did you read textile (as in canvas then?) and paper (as in journals? etc) because what this paint does is create a fine 3D line that can serve as a partition between painted areas and / or, with its pointed nozzle, a very easy to control 3D line of any kind. It comes in a choice of 15 colours (all at $12.10): dark red, green and blue, reddish brown and bronze, colourless, copper, gold, light gold and antique gold, lead grey, pewter, silver, white and we stock them all!


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Call for Community Representatives on the Byron Shire Public Art Assessment Panel

Byron Shire Council is seeking external representatives to become members of the Public Art Assessment Panel, whose responsibility it is to review and provide objective independent recommendations to Council in relation to public art projects. Panel members will have an interest in the arts, established ties to the Byron Shire community and previous experience with committees or boards. Specifically we are seeking: Two community artists – with professional or extensive amateur experience in an arts related capacity. One community representative – with an interest in the arts and/or amateur experience in an arts related capacity. It is strongly recommended that interested nominees read the Public Art Guidelines and Criteria, as the main purpose of the PAAP is to ensure these Guidelines have been applied consistently and equitably for all public art applications. Meetings will be held bi-monthly. The term of appointment for committee members is to align with the term of Council (to 2016) and appointments are in a voluntary capacity only. The constitution and nomination form for the Committee are available on Council’s website at Expressions of Interest

Close: Wednesday 27 March 2013 Enquiries: Joanne McMurtry, Community Policy Officer 02 6626 7316 Submissions should be in writing (application form provided) and addressed to the General Manager, Byron Shire Council, PO Box 219 Mullumbimby 2482 or sent by email to

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An exhibition by Bernadette Curtin

Reef reconstruction is a lovely exhibition by our talented teacher and artist Bernadette Curtin.

The opening is on Saturday 9th February (4 to 6pm) at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina and the exhibition will go on until Sunday 3rd of March. The paintings are Bernadette’s response to Australia’s western and eastern coral reef systems, their delicacy and fragility.


All information regarding the gallery please click here

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a place to learn and create…

Yes Still @ the centre is a lovely place to come and take an art class… Ours are ongoing and offer you personalized tuition with renowned local artists… they have a great atmosphere to them, you can come and go according to your availability or commit to the term and pay less SO be daring… hop on board!

TERM 1 art classes will begin early February (dates differ with each teacher, please check below) and the good news is that the delightful Anne Leon has joined our team of artists/teachers for a experimental mixed media class every Friday…. fun!

And so you are invited to play with your pencils and Michelle Dawson on Monday, with your paints and Bernadette Curtin on Tuesday, with your Art Journal and Zom Osborne on Wednesday, to go with the flow of water(colours) and Harry Westera on Thursday or take your creativity for a mixed media ride on Friday with Anne Leon.

Want to know more, all the details are here

Hope to see you soon…

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Secrets of Creativity… a one day worshop with Zom Osborne

Secrets of Creativity

& how to use an Art Journal to open to Inspiration

will take place on Saturday 2nd of February

10am-5pm @ the Centre

In this workshop Zom Osborne will reveal the secrets of creativity that she has learned from 22 years as a practicing artist.

“Basically what I share is how creativity works, how to call in more  inspiration, what slows creativity and what stops it completely. I call it ‘Secrets of Creativity’ because much of what I reveal is counter to how we have been taught to do things in our daily lives. My creativity expanded exponentially once I discovered these ‘rules’.”

Additionally Zom will share what an art journal is and how it can be an invaluable tool in opening to both your creativity and your inspiration. This is an experiential workshop, there will be lots of doing and experiencing and play. There is a materials list, some or all of which you may already have at home.

You don’t have to be ‘creative’ or have experience in art to benefit from this workshop. Everyone is welcome.

When? Sat 2nd Feb 10am-5pm

Where? Still @ the centre, 3 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay

How much? The cost of the day is $100.

How to book? To reserve your place: a non-refundable deposit of $50, with the rest to be paid any time before or at the workshop. There will be a limited number of places. Please email us if you direct deposit ( Deedre Osborne bsb 484 799 #2009 00370 Suncorp) so that we can write you down as paid.

Want to know more about Zom? If you would like to see some of Zom’s art pages please click here. Zom also has a blog and a Facebook page.

Still some questions? feel free to phone Still @ the Centre:  6685 5808 or  Zom: 6684 9312



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passion, peace & playfulness…

are our three wishes for you in 2013… plenty of each… every day…

and the rest should take care of itself!

in gratitude of your friendship and support along the years

sabine & vianney

PS We are having a break and will reopen Monday 7th January, normal trading hours thereafter.

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In the mood for an ABC?

(that’s an Artistic Banquet with your Community!)… Yes it’s that silly season again and the Arts and Industry (but not too interested in bathtubs right now) estate will be partying again on the 13th of December! All the art galleries will be open and this art trail should really give you a good taste of our diverse local creativity… When your feet are sore, come and settle in our courtyard and share our delights… art, music, film, and a good glass of wine (on us)… please save the night!

PS: One of the little treats awaiting you will be a projection of  ” The Tree ” a film by (our talented neighbour) Caroline Fisher… yes we’ve pinched one of her photos of the same gorgeous tree and slightly customized it!

The Tree portrays our impact on the natural environment, the infiltration of human beings on our planet. “The Tree” represents strength, protection, wisdom, eternal life, evolution, unity, re-generation, a potent symbol of immortality, beauty, redemption, creation. A short art film, a reminder of birth, journey and resolution, using a majestic Moreton Bay Fig tree as a symbol and metaphor.

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It’s time to pick up those brushes… check out our term 4 art classes!

Monday: Drawing with MICHELLE DAWSON
Employing various media and subjects such as portraiture, life drawing, collaborative pieces, plein air work and collage in playful and innovative ways, experimental drawing offers participants the opportunity to expand their drawing range and skills whilst remaining true to and enhancing their personal drawing styles.

Tuesday: Painting with BERNADETTE CURTIN  
What inspires you? What do you love? Ask these questions to discover a personal path to your painting style. Along the way, you will be supported to develop your sense of composition and scale, discover new paint applications, proper use of mediums, painting layers, colour mixing skills… all in a supportive, fun and friendly studio.

Wednesday: Art Journaling with ZOM OSBORNE
Art Journaling combines the fun of mixed media with the intimacy of journaling. For beginners, it is a non-threatening entryway into their creativity. For more practiced creatives, it is a place to play and explore. Each week brings a new writing prompt and a new technique to add to the skills you can use in your journals.Thursday

Thursday: Watercolour with HARRY WESTERA

Go with the flow – because watercolour has a life of its own! But, do so with a sense of control and direction, confident of guiding this wonderful, fluid medium to do what you want it to do. Learn to simplify, to represent the essential visual qualities of the subject you wish to represent. Develop a variety of techniques and processes, which can make your watercolour experience a manageable and exciting expression of your artistic vision.

Friday: Mixed Media with TURIYA BRUCE  
Whether a beginner, a dabbler or a committed artist let yourself, at your own level, be inspired by the ideas that flow in the class setting or, if you have a project,  venture in a new technique. You can also bring your creative dilemmas and see them resolve before your very eyes thanks to Turiya’s 30 years of experience in all the tricks of art making.
For more info click here

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