passion, peace & playfulness…

are our three wishes for you in 2013… plenty of each… every day…

and the rest should take care of itself!

in gratitude of your friendship and support along the years

sabine & vianney

PS We are having a break and will reopen Monday 7th January, normal trading hours thereafter.

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In the mood for an ABC?

(that’s an Artistic Banquet with your Community!)… Yes it’s that silly season again and the Arts and Industry (but not too interested in bathtubs right now) estate will be partying again on the 13th of December! All the art galleries will be open and this art trail should really give you a good taste of our diverse local creativity… When your feet are sore, come and settle in our courtyard and share our delights… art, music, film, and a good glass of wine (on us)… please save the night!

PS: One of the little treats awaiting you will be a projection of  ” The Tree ” a film by (our talented neighbour) Caroline Fisher… yes we’ve pinched one of her photos of the same gorgeous tree and slightly customized it!

The Tree portrays our impact on the natural environment, the infiltration of human beings on our planet. “The Tree” represents strength, protection, wisdom, eternal life, evolution, unity, re-generation, a potent symbol of immortality, beauty, redemption, creation. A short art film, a reminder of birth, journey and resolution, using a majestic Moreton Bay Fig tree as a symbol and metaphor.

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It’s time to pick up those brushes… check out our term 4 art classes!

Monday: Drawing with MICHELLE DAWSON
Employing various media and subjects such as portraiture, life drawing, collaborative pieces, plein air work and collage in playful and innovative ways, experimental drawing offers participants the opportunity to expand their drawing range and skills whilst remaining true to and enhancing their personal drawing styles.

Tuesday: Painting with BERNADETTE CURTIN  
What inspires you? What do you love? Ask these questions to discover a personal path to your painting style. Along the way, you will be supported to develop your sense of composition and scale, discover new paint applications, proper use of mediums, painting layers, colour mixing skills… all in a supportive, fun and friendly studio.

Wednesday: Art Journaling with ZOM OSBORNE
Art Journaling combines the fun of mixed media with the intimacy of journaling. For beginners, it is a non-threatening entryway into their creativity. For more practiced creatives, it is a place to play and explore. Each week brings a new writing prompt and a new technique to add to the skills you can use in your journals.Thursday

Thursday: Watercolour with HARRY WESTERA

Go with the flow – because watercolour has a life of its own! But, do so with a sense of control and direction, confident of guiding this wonderful, fluid medium to do what you want it to do. Learn to simplify, to represent the essential visual qualities of the subject you wish to represent. Develop a variety of techniques and processes, which can make your watercolour experience a manageable and exciting expression of your artistic vision.

Friday: Mixed Media with TURIYA BRUCE  
Whether a beginner, a dabbler or a committed artist let yourself, at your own level, be inspired by the ideas that flow in the class setting or, if you have a project,  venture in a new technique. You can also bring your creative dilemmas and see them resolve before your very eyes thanks to Turiya’s 30 years of experience in all the tricks of art making.
For more info click here

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29th/30th September… 2 days to begin and/or 2 days to deepen and expand your painting practice

For those on holidays & for those who can never come to our week classes (and complain!)… we know it’s last minute but we were in the mood for it and… hopefully you too! (And by the way both classes are suitable for passionate younger artists.)

Saturday 29th September Seeing is Creating with John Giese

This one day workshop will offer you a fresh look at getting started and a fresh start at looking… We will be focusing on seeing reality as it really is, so that the concept doesn’t become a hindrance to your free and intuitive rendering. Feel free to work in any media (as long as it dries fast) and bring your usual tools.
You will be guided by John Giese who is a wonderful local artist and very generous and inspiring teacher/mentor.

Sunday 30th September Mixed Media Fusion with Turiya Bruce

Come and experience for a day the joy of mixed-media… discover how alternative and unconventional techniques such as transferring, collage, stenciling, monotyping and layering can stimulate creativity and encourage experimentation.
Acrylic mediums have exponentially expanded the possibilities of surfaces, textures and applications and this day is designed to immerse you in the endless play with simple and effective tools that can easily be applied to your own studio practice or to give beginners the courage to dive into creation. Materials: A canvas or support and the acrylic paints and painting implements of your choice.
You will be guided by Turiya Bruce who is our experienced mixed media teacher and artist and accredited Golden Paints artist/educator.

Classes will begin @ 10 am till 5pm. Cost $120 per day including a delicious vegetarian and gluten free lunch.
Booking essential… call 6685 5808… sort of NOW!

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Vote for 3D!!

Our wonderful Writer’s Festival is back next week and its (nearly as famous) sculpture show is on again! During the three days you will be able to enjoy the 30 works on display and vote in the People’s choice Still @ the centre is sponsoring…. However for those of you who can’t make it to the festival Dev Lengjel, the curator, will present a special Preview on Thursday the 2nd of August from  3 – 5 pm (by gold coin donation). This is a first in the 5 years of the sculpture show at the festival and a great opportunity for all sculpture lovers to see the works. See you there…

Sculpture by Karl deWaal

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Golden Nuggets are back on the menu!

Acrylic Artists
(potential or confirmed & interested in learning new tricks of the trade)
free Golden nuggets”

Are you ready to start exploiting the world’s most versatile medium and revolutionize your art practice?

Yes? then… watch out!! as 5 “Golden Nugget” demo classes are on their way

with Turiya Bruce
as your very own Golden Certified Artist Educator

These mornings with be info-filled and give you a hands-on taste of all the Golden products AND (amazingly enough in this tough world) they are free!! Please read carefully the following program and choose which class(es) you would have the most interest in as classes are limited to 8 participants. Bookings are essential (66 85 58 08) and commitment tooooooo so that all who might want to take this opportunity can do so.

Week 1: Saturday 2nd June  FROM THE GROUNDS UP: a description /introduction of the archival art ‘sandwich’ as reinvented by Golden and how it works for the artist and the conservation of artworks.

Week 2: Saturday 9th June  THE THREE ACRYLICS: Have you any idea what heavy body, open and fluid acrylics of the highest quality are capable of? Discover too how they can work together…

Week 3: Saturday 16th June  GELS & MEDIUMS: Have you always been curious/tempted/excited but totally unsure of what all these would do when mixed with your paint? Yes? Then this is for you…

Week 4: Saturday 23rd June PASTES: Have you always been curious/tempted/excited but totally unsure of how all these tubs of crackle, fiber or molding paste could get you the effects you were after? Yes? Then this week is for you!

Week 5: Saturday 30th June INTERFERENCES, METALLICS,  IRIDESCENTS and other unusal PAINTS: These are the true nuggets of the series… they glitter, they shine, they spread, they build volume and some of them even glow in the dark! After giving you a taste of the paints we will proceed to make SKINS with the magical interference colours, explain DIGITAL GROUNDS and demonstrate how to use them for printing on your skins, foil, cloth, papers, etc.

When? All classes run from 10.30am till noon
Where? @ the centre, 3 Centennial Ct Byron Bay

PLUS on those 5 saturdays you will get an immediate 10% discount* on all your Golden paints, gels, mediums, varnishes etc. or you can start or top up a loyalty card to get up to 15% further down the track.

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Wondering what art journaling is?

Art Journaling is a creative process of putting together colour, words, and images on a page. Unlike many other art forms it is not about the end result (although art journal pages can be stunning).

Art Journaling can be many things and an art journal can be used for multiple purposes. It can be a visual journal of your day, somewhere to try out new techniques and art materials, a space for personal exploration, or a place for wild creativity free from expectation or judgement. My art journals are all these things, and each one has evolved according to what I have needed over the years.

One of the things I love about art journaling is that because it is in a book, it can be as private as you wish. This makes it very different from working on a canvas or even paper, in that there is no expectation to hang it on a wall. Hence less pressure. I find that I feel a freedom in my art journal that I don’t feel when I work any other way.

To read a collection of reasons why I love art journaling go here. To see some of my pages go here. To view a tumblr site that shows a changing variety of art journal pages, go here.

“To be nobody~but~yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being could fight; and never stop fighting.”  e. e. cummings

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Which pencils (and other drawing tools) do we stock?

A hand of graphite holding a charcoal stick… this image probably says most of it!

Since men discovered that charred wood makes great marks, charcoal has been one of man’s best drawing friend… but things have greatly improved recently! There is now on offer a amazing variety of graphite and carbon pencils and sticks, some are woodless and some are wood cased, some are watersoluble and some are not, some are mixed (carbon and graphite), some are in liquid form and some come as a powder, some are hard and some are soft, some are compressed and greasy and some are willow and light, some are dark and some are very very dark, some you can peel and some you need to sharpen, some can write on anything and  some are happier on paper and most… you can erase!

We won’t bore you with long lists here, just pop in, we do try to stock most of the above all the time… and more!

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Which pencils (colour) do we stock?

Perhaps more with pencils than any other art material is quality important… YES the good ones are more expensive but we are still not talking toooo much money here AND how many boxes of pencils will you get in your life?? One? Two? So, might as well enjoy them!

Definitely the not-good-enough ones (the ones you can’t sharpen properly and/or deliver no colour) do not enter the store! For little hands and big designs we stock the huge Woody from Stabilo and the Stockmar wax sticks and blocks. For bigger hands but not too deep pockets we stock some Daler Rowney and most of Derwent‘s range of good pencils of all kinds: Artists, Watercolour, Aquatone and Inktense. For the professionals we carry sets of Conté‘s Carrés crayons and their pastel pencils too. In the Caran d’Ache range we stock their excellent Pablo and Supracolor and what to say of the Luminance range… to die for? the best ever? a dream come true?… and yes we have a few sets of these too!

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Which soft pastels do we stock?

In a way the “best” pastel does not and cannot exist! The leading artist quality brands we stock all have in common… to be completely different from one another! A little bit like choosing an H or a 6B pencil are going to give your drawing lines a very different look and the feel in you hand will be radically different too, every pastel maker will boast to have found the perfect softness but, in truth, variety is the spice of life!!

And so…. we stock 180 colours in the Sennelier Pastel “a l’écu” range of… 525 shades. They are very soft and crumbly pastels, we also have many of their lovely sets of full or half pastels and stock a limited range of large and giant ones (so big you think they will not even fit in your hand). We usually have in stock too some sets of Rembrandt pastels, a much harder one, and Schmincke sets in full and half sticks. In a different league, we also stock Conté’s pastel pencils

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