Golden ingots


Finally, there they are… the sensational Golden ingots…  an advanced series of technical experiences with Golden Acrylics!! And to help you find your way in the maze of mediums and gels, you will have a lovely and talented guide, Turiya Bruce, our own local accredited Golden Artist/Educator… she loves pushing the boundaries with art materials while maintaining your integrity and own artistic voice. (

The 7 first weeks we will discover how to create sensual surfaces… here you will be invited to play with selected Golden paints and mediums and other medias to create beautiful and interesting grounds.

Week 1. Saturday 10th Aug Textures with papers, paint and mediums

Here we use Fluid matte medium, soft gel gloss and fluid paints to create a beautiful ground.

Week 2. Saturday 17th Aug     Transfers, colour and carbon

Discover the secrets of those tricky and wonderful artful adjuncts.

Week 3. Saturday 24th Aug     Skins

Play with mediums and colour to make simple and unique accessories for your collage pieces.

Week 4. Saturday 31st Aug     Palimpsest

Layers and the give and take of your painting’s history with Fluid colours.

Week 5. Saturday 7th Sept    Text as texture

Creating grounds for future work with our old friend the written word.

Week 6. Saturday 14th Sept     Resists, stencils and monotype

A new approach to monotyping with clear gel mediums, old works and Fluid colours.

Week 7. Saturday 21th Sept     Chemical reactions

Oxidising and displacing colour for beautiful grounds.


Classes run from 10.30 to 12.30. Price for all 7 classes $25 x 7: $ 175, individual class $30. This includes tuition and all the paint, gels and mediums. Please bring your own support and your brushes. Also our colour selection might not be to your taste so feel free to bring your own paint!


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