By popular demand… this month, it’s high flow again!

4b2d4fec-94b8-4ca6-bdd6-aa8544e5a9b6Dear all,
Our demo day last month was so successful, were repeating it this month (fully booked though… sorry!) but I’m sending you this email to let you know…

1) There’s a new blog post on my site where you can learn all about how acrylic paints are made at the Golden factory (if you ever had an interest!)

2) I’ve now completed my pages about
Acrylic Paint
Acrylic Gessos and Grounds
Acrylic Pastes, Gels and Mediums
Acrylic Varnishes

There’s a wealth of info in these pages -not so easily found on the web or even in art materials books- so you might wish to click on above titles now or go to my website
later when in doubt about something acrylic!

3) Of course our monthly discount is still on High Flows…

See you soon @ the centre


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