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Still @ the centre… stretches & stretches

Whether you wish a blank canvas to express your coloured dreams or have brought back from Bali / the outback / New York that rolled up beauty you can’t wait to put on your wall… we’re the place to come to!

Noel “framed” in his stretchers

Our PROFESSIONAL stretchers aim for the very best quality in all components… We can offer you a choice of stretcher depth (2 and 4cm) and we’ve designed our very own bracing and stretcher bars in high quality pine with all angles rounded (as no edges means no more marks on the front of the canvas). We’ll also make sure to add a strong bracing to support the bigĀ­ger frames on the corners, across or crisscrossing depending on the size…

If you wanted a PROFESSIONAL canvas made then we offer you a choice of cotton, polycotton or linen, white or black (in cotton and medium linen) primed or unprimed (those are actually primed ones reversed… a lot easier to work on). For the linen, you have the added choice of two blends: medium or coarse. The polycotton we have is top quality, ultra smooth and can be stretched really tight while apparently not molding as much as cotton (a definite advantage around here!)

Need more info about our stretching? Click here

Need more info about our canvases? Click here

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  1. Margie says:

    Do you have prices for canvas stretchers.

    Primed canvas

    1. admin says:

      Hi Margie
      I don’t know if you are talking about our ready mades or the professional ones we make… If its the ready mades, here’s the link to prices

      if its ours, please give us a call and we’ll give you price for your size/choice.
      thanks for your enquiry,
      all the best

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