It’s time to pick up those brushes… check out our term 4 art classes!

Monday: Drawing with MICHELLE DAWSON
Employing various media and subjects such as portraiture, life drawing, collaborative pieces, plein air work and collage in playful and innovative ways, experimental drawing offers participants the opportunity to expand their drawing range and skills whilst remaining true to and enhancing their personal drawing styles.

Tuesday: Painting with BERNADETTE CURTIN  
What inspires you? What do you love? Ask these questions to discover a personal path to your painting style. Along the way, you will be supported to develop your sense of composition and scale, discover new paint applications, proper use of mediums, painting layers, colour mixing skills… all in a supportive, fun and friendly studio.

Wednesday: Art Journaling with ZOM OSBORNE
Art Journaling combines the fun of mixed media with the intimacy of journaling. For beginners, it is a non-threatening entryway into their creativity. For more practiced creatives, it is a place to play and explore. Each week brings a new writing prompt and a new technique to add to the skills you can use in your journals.Thursday

Thursday: Watercolour with HARRY WESTERA

Go with the flow – because watercolour has a life of its own! But, do so with a sense of control and direction, confident of guiding this wonderful, fluid medium to do what you want it to do. Learn to simplify, to represent the essential visual qualities of the subject you wish to represent. Develop a variety of techniques and processes, which can make your watercolour experience a manageable and exciting expression of your artistic vision.

Friday: Mixed Media with TURIYA BRUCE  
Whether a beginner, a dabbler or a committed artist let yourself, at your own level, be inspired by the ideas that flow in the class setting or, if you have a project,  venture in a new technique. You can also bring your creative dilemmas and see them resolve before your very eyes thanks to Turiya’s 30 years of experience in all the tricks of art making.
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