In the mood for an ABC?

(that’s an Artistic Banquet with your Community!)… Yes it’s that silly season again and the Arts and Industry (but not too interested in bathtubs right now) estate will be partying again on the 13th of December! All the art galleries will be open and this art trail should really give you a good taste of our diverse local creativity… When your feet are sore, come and settle in our courtyard and share our delights… art, music, film, and a good glass of wine (on us)… please save the night!

PS: One of the little treats awaiting you will be a projection of  ” The Tree ” a film by (our talented neighbour) Caroline Fisher… yes we’ve pinched one of her photos of the same gorgeous tree and slightly customized it!

The Tree portrays our impact on the natural environment, the infiltration of human beings on our planet. “The Tree” represents strength, protection, wisdom, eternal life, evolution, unity, re-generation, a potent symbol of immortality, beauty, redemption, creation. A short art film, a reminder of birth, journey and resolution, using a majestic Moreton Bay Fig tree as a symbol and metaphor.

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