Oil sticks

Sennelier and R&F. Sennelier has a classical range of colours of good quality and are by far firmer (because they uses mineral wax in their sticks?) R&F sticks are the best probably… handmade with love and natural wax. They come in a most delicious range of colours: Dianthus Pink, Celadon Green, Egyptian violet, Turkey Umber Greenish… just to name a few!

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  • R & F : Pigment sticks 88 colours + 2 blending sticks (with and without drier) Available in small sticks of 38ml (1.9 x 12.7cm) and large sticks 188ml (3.8 16.5cm) R&F Pigment Sticks are handmade in small batches, carefully milled and molded.  They use only the basic traditional materials: natural wax, linseed oil, and pigment, and use them with absolute purity.  Natural waxes (beeswax & plant wax) allows for a minimum amount of wax.  This results in softer consistency and greater paint film strength.  Their pigment sticks have none of the additives, extenders, substitutes, or facilitators that are commonly used in industrial production.  While the use of these adulterations can save a lot of work and reduce the cost of materials, they lower the quality of the paint.  To do without them it is necessary to create a very precise balance of the ingredients.  This balance is what makes their Pigment Stick so luscious and luminous.  They have a lipstick soft consistency that gives them the same fluidity, subtlety, and durability as traditional oil colors, with the gestural spontaneity of direct drawing. (see colour chart in store for a more detailed description of these lovely 88 colours)
  • Sennelier : Oil sticks 55 colours The diameter is 20mm with an overall volume of 38ml, they also exist in “Giant” an extra large version of the above sticks, but in a smaller colour range (we stock black and white only.) Sennelier sticks are made from the finest selected pure pigments, mineral waxes and vegetable oils to give the easiest application. They work well with other sticks, but are best used to finish, due to their superior working ability and softer consistency. Each stick is shrink-plastic wrapped for instant freshness when opened, ready to use. Available in an extensive 55 colour range, which includes copper silver and gold metallics..

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