Still @ the centre… is a place in which to source some of the most amazing art materials from all over the world! We also have a great loyalty program you can join and through which you can save up to 15% on ALL the art materials of YOUR choice… ALL year round… get on the program next time you’re in the store… it all adds up in the end!

I’m a fan of art supplies (says me, Sabine)… it must have started long ago with pencils and exercise books, but when finally in my life I had a whole store to play with… it developed into a passion for the full range of colours, paints, brushes, supports, etc!!  So, if you are after some technical info on any product (all the information in the technical sheets available in the shop are also there) or would simply like to know more about oils sticks or pastels, about varnishing a painting, or who is behind a company like Langridge or Blockx, please proceed to my blog…  and I hope you have fun exploring all the pages!

Oils and acrylic page

Watercolours and inks

Pastels and pencils

Papers page
Brushes page

On the other hand if you would like to know precisely what is available in the store, please read on… links to products have been put in categories and alphabetical order (from acrylic, brushes, canvas to…. watercolours) and we stock more than is here of course. We have easels and scissors, palettes and palette knives, brush boxes and brush cleaners, etc, etc, even some art books now… in short all the little extra things that make art stores such lovely places! So, the following won’t save you a visit but perhaps can help you plan your trip or offer in depth information about the brands we have chosen to  stock. We can also send these products to you, simply contact us by email or over the phone (02 6685 5808) and we will give you a quote.

Which acrylic paints do we stock?

Which acrylic primers, grounds, gels, mediums, pastes do we stock?

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