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Still @ the centre… is a place in which to source some of the most amazing art materials from all over the world!

Here, at the centre, most of us are practicing artists and all of us are art supplies fans!

If you are after some technical info on any product we can usually give you some pretty good advice over the counter but we have also produced some technical sheets which are available in the shop. If you are curious or would simply like to know more about oils sticks or pastels, about varnishing a painting, or who is behind a company like Langridge or Blockx, then you could also have longer reads about these on my blog…  and I hope you have fun exploring all the pages!


We believe in quality and have honed our choices of brands and products over the years to offer you as large a variety of choice as possible. So, if you would like to know precisely what is available in both our stores, please read on… links to products have been put in categories and alphabetical order (from acrylic, brushes, canvas to…. watercolours) and we stock more than is here of course. We have easels and scissors, palettes and palette knives, brush boxes and brush cleaners, etc, etc, even art books… in short all the little extra things that make art stores such lovely places! The following won’t save you a visit but perhaps can help you plan your trip or offer in depth information about the brands we have chosen to  stock.

Which acrylic paints do we stock?

Which brushes do we stock?

Which canvas(es) do we stock?

Which gouaches do we stock?

Which inks do we stock?

Which markers do we stock?

Which oil paints do we stock?

Which oil primers, mediums, solvents & cleaners do we stock?

Which oil sticks do we stock?

Which papers do we stock?

Which pastels (soft & hard) do we stock?

Which pastels (oil) do we stock?

Which pencils (and other drawing tools) do we stock?

Which pencils (colour) do we stock?

Which pigments do we stock?

Which varnishes do we stock?

Which watercolours do we stock?

And last but not least… we have a great loyalty program you can join. You’ll be invited to free demos about materials and you can save up to 15% on ALL art supplies of YOUR choice… ALL year round… get on the program next time you’re in the store… it all adds up in the end!

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  1. Natalie Joy says:

    I have an order with you for Arches 101.6×152.4 which I am waiting on so I’m the meantime at Byron in your paper draw there is a printing paper in various colours and I would like 5 sheets in dark cream please.
    I am also requiring a canvas on linen in October.
    Please respond as my deadline has not changed due to lockdown I just have acknowledgement.
    Thank you,
    Natalie Joy.

  2. Monica Holcombe says:

    Do you gift cards?

    1. admin says:

      Sorry for late answer MOnica, I’m not quite sure if you mean vouchers (which we do and can arrange for you over the phone) or simply greeeting cards… which we have in stock too!
      all the best

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