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Golden Nuggets are back on the menu!

Acrylic Artists
(potential or confirmed & interested in learning new tricks of the trade)
free Golden nuggets”

Are you ready to start exploiting the world’s most versatile medium and revolutionize your art practice?

Yes? then… watch out!! as 5 “Golden Nugget” demo classes are on their way

with Turiya Bruce
as your very own Golden Certified Artist Educator

These mornings with be info-filled and give you a hands-on taste of all the Golden products AND (amazingly enough in this tough world) they are free!! Please read carefully the following program and choose which class(es) you would have the most interest in as classes are limited to 8 participants. Bookings are essential (66 85 58 08) and commitment tooooooo so that all who might want to take this opportunity can do so.

Week 1: Saturday 2nd June  FROM THE GROUNDS UP: a description /introduction of the archival art ‘sandwich’ as reinvented by Golden and how it works for the artist and the conservation of artworks.

Week 2: Saturday 9th June  THE THREE ACRYLICS: Have you any idea what heavy body, open and fluid acrylics of the highest quality are capable of? Discover too how they can work together…

Week 3: Saturday 16th June  GELS & MEDIUMS: Have you always been curious/tempted/excited but totally unsure of what all these would do when mixed with your paint? Yes? Then this is for you…

Week 4: Saturday 23rd June PASTES: Have you always been curious/tempted/excited but totally unsure of how all these tubs of crackle, fiber or molding paste could get you the effects you were after? Yes? Then this week is for you!

Week 5: Saturday 30th June INTERFERENCES, METALLICS,  IRIDESCENTS and other unusal PAINTS: These are the true nuggets of the series… they glitter, they shine, they spread, they build volume and some of them even glow in the dark! After giving you a taste of the paints we will proceed to make SKINS with the magical interference colours, explain DIGITAL GROUNDS and demonstrate how to use them for printing on your skins, foil, cloth, papers, etc.

When? All classes run from 10.30am till noon
Where? @ the centre, 3 Centennial Ct Byron Bay

PLUS on those 5 saturdays you will get an immediate 10% discount* on all your Golden paints, gels, mediums, varnishes etc. or you can start or top up a loyalty card to get up to 15% further down the track.

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Which acrylic primers, grounds, gels, mediums, pastes do we stock?

It might look like we stock only the Golden ones and… must say their full range (which we carry) is extensive but we also keep most Matisse mediums and a few from other brands: Liquitex, Pébéo, Jo Sonja’s… Continue reading

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Which acrylic paints do we stock?

Atelier : Free Flow in 36 colours available in 60ml and 500ml bottles, Golden : Heavy Body in 59ml tubes / Fluids in 30ml and 118ml bottles / Open in 59ml tubes, Jacquard’s Lumiere light body metallic acrylics in 70ml jars, Lefranc Bourgeois’ Flashe: in 125 and 400ml jars (plus some colours in 750ml), Matisse : Heavy body in 75ml tubes, 250ml jars and 500ml jars (all colours in the 3 sizes), Pébéo : Studio acrylics in 100ml and 250ml tubes and some kid quality sets and 1 or 2 litre bottles (brands vary).

We regularly offer some “Golden Nuggets” free demo classes in the centre in which you can test all their amazing range of products… If you have an interest in knowing about the next one, please contact us.


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Which varnishes do we stock?

Most of our varnishes will be fine for both oil and acrylic paints but please check before each one if it mentions A(crylic) OK / O(il) OK or A&O OK. We also stock some varnishes for watercolours and gouache please go the the relevant sections.

Blockx Amber Varnish, Gamblin‘s Gamar picture varnish, Golden : MSA (Mineral Spirit Acrylic) Varnish with UVLS both in liquid form and in an aerosol as well as their Polymer Varnish with UVLS, Langridge : Retouch Varnish / Damar Varnish / Picture Varnish (comes in Gloss, Satin and Mat) / Wax Varnish, Maimeri & NAM.

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