Paint, pencils, inks, watercolours, pastels… all mark making materials are roughly made of 2 things: pigment which brings the colour, binder that holds the pigment together in this or that particular form. If you wanted to invent a colour and make a batch or be a purist and make your own paints (I personally wouldn’t bother about making my own pencils but… up to you) or even if you only want to experiment with pure pigment… we stock a extensive range: Jacquard‘s Pearl Ex powdered pigments, Langridge‘s comprehensive range of dry pigments (including some historical ones like Genuine Vermillion, Lapis Lazuli, Verditer, Azurite, etc.), and Schmincke‘s Tro-Col bronze pigments.

  • Jacquard Pearl-Ex Powdered Pigments Sold in 14ml glass jars

Jacquard Pearl-Ex Pigments are non-toxic, inert, powdered pigments that exhibit extreme colour fastness and stability. Ideal for interior, exterior and archival applications, they can be incorporated into any viscous medium ie: oil, acrylic, gouache, varnish and clay or they may be spread dry on any porous surface. Their temperature resistance allows them to be fired in a kiln up to 600 degrees.

  • Langridge Dry Pigments 75 pigments (42 colours + 12 earths + 4 metal + 4 iridescent + 4 interference + 4 photoluminescent + 5 basic spirit dyes) Available in 120ml glass jar and, on order, in 500ml, 1L & 4L

Langridge is an Australian company which, since its establishment, has supplied artists with the highest specification pigments sourced from around the world. Every colour is verified for its origin and identified for its chemical characteristics to provide the artist with a range of pigments noted for their quality of grade and fineness, ensuring the maximum benefit in tone and chroma. As colourmen, Langridge supplies traditional earths from original sources as well as constantly researching and selecting modern pigments to satisfy artist demand for new colours of vibrancy and intensity. These finely ground artist’s pigments are used for mixing with clear etching base or other clear printmaking ink bases to extend your colour palette. Can also be used to mix up oil and acrylic paints, watercolours, pastels, tempera and other pigment applications.

  • Sennelier Pure Graphite (100g)
  • Schmincke Genuine Artists´ Bronzes, Series 15, are formulated based on real metal pigments for painting techniques in oil, acrylic, water-colour/Gouache colours. 5 colours are available: rich gold, rich pale gold, pale gold, copper and silver. Schmincke Genuine Artists’ Bronzes contain bronze or aluminium pigments. Therefore they are very light fast, more opaque and more brilliant than other metallic effect colours made of pearl lustre pigments. Only suitable for indoor objects!
  1.  Aqua Bronze Pigments Sold in 20ml glass jars: 6 brilliant bronzes, copper, silver, aluminum and golds for a bling effect in gouache or watercolour painting. Simply moist your brush a little bit, dip in and sprinkle fairy golds etc. on all your dry paper works. Mixable with all kind of gouache and watercolours.
  2. Oil Bronze Pigments Sold in 50ml glass jars: 6 brilliant bronzes, copper, silver, aluminum and golds, these iridescent ones should be used in combination with Schminke’s bronze medium (mix w palette knife 3 parts oil bronze to 2 parts of the medium.) To maintain gloss and luminance add to last coat. The increase of binder results in better resistance to removal.
  3. Acryl Bronze sold in 150ml bottles:5 colours. Ready to use for special effects on acrylic paintings and other grease-free surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, wood, metal, plastic or gypsum.


We stock all the binders necessary to turn your pigments into paint, pastel, gouache, etc. as well as the glass mullers and slates to help you coat them. We also now carry encaustic medium, ready-made or ingredients to do it yourself.

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