We just love paper here and cannot but stock more and more!!  We have recently introduced a wide range of exquisite stationery from all over the world and, to write on these beauties, more fountains pens, inks, delicious washi tape, etc. There’s a taste of our selection on our Stationery page if want to go there. But, obviously, we mainly concentrate on art papers.

We have a large selection of drawing and watercolour sketching albums and diaries… from the student economy range of visual diaries to the better paper ones with lovely binding (great for art journaling!) from Daley Rowney, Derwent, Hannemuhle, Moleskine, Sennelier or Winsor & Newton… And also stock a huge selection of all kinds of paper in sheets and pads: Arches, Colourfix, Canson, Clairefontaine, FabrianoHahnemuhle, Fluid, FredrixLanaRives, StonehengeSennelier and endless SPECIALITY PAPERS: Acetate, Butcher’s paper, Glassine, Tissue pape, Transfer paper or Yupo.. to name a few!
Finally we also stock lots and lots of beautiful Indian, Chinese, Nepalese, Japanese papers in natural, lace, striped, metallic or with mango, banana or tamarino leaf incrustations… come and check them out but WARNING YOU… you’ll want them all! We do, of course, also stock normal rice paper and a range of 10 Awagami Editioning washi paper (details below.)

Want to know more about our paper ranges? Please scroll down…

  • ARCHES : A unique, manual gelatine-sizing process and painstaking manufacture make Arches rag watercolour paper the reference paper among artists and the world leader in 100% cotton watercolour papers.

The Arches paper is greatly appreciated by watercolourists for its special qualities – stability, colour rendition, resistance to tearing and fluffing. The traditional production process on a round cylinder gives the item a varied, harmonious texture: cloth, fine, or satiny. Surface sized ‘inside’ and dry on the surface, the colours are rendered beautifully even after scratching and gumming. Its natural dye and antifungal protection ensures its excellent permanence. May be used on offset typography. Identification: Arches® France distinctive watermark and dry stamped. Recommended for  watercolour wash** / watercolor painting** / gouache** / acrylic** / China ink** / colour inks** / charcoal* / water felt* / pastel art crayon* / sanguine crayon* / drawing crayon* / lithography* / screen printing*
(** : Highly recommended * : Possible use)

55 x 75cm sheets available in Smooth (hot pressed), Medium (cold pressed) and Rough in 185g/m², 300g/m² and 640g/m²
55 x 75cm sheets available in Medium (cold pressed) and Rough sheets in 850g/m

76 x 101.6 cm sheets available in HP/CP/Rough 640g/m²

101.6 x 152.4cm sheets available in Rough 640g/m²

A5 14.8 x 21cm / A4 21 x 29.7 cm / A3 29.7 x 42 cm pads of 12 sheets available in Smooth (hot pressed), Medium (cold pressed) and Rough in 185g/m² and 300g/m²

  • Art Spectrum
  1. Art Spectrum Colourfix primer is a fine tooth, quick drying acrylic primer which bonds agressively to practically any clean, dry surface – all types of papers (300 gsm or heavier recommended), canvas, card, ply, plastic, glass, timber, ceramic and metal. This primer can be applied with brushes, sponges, rollers etc. straight from the pot. 20 colours are available, including Natural (Clear) in 250ml pots, Black, White and Clear also in 1 Lt tubs
  2. Colourfix paper comes ready made, printed on 340gsm hot press watercolour paper. This prepared paper is a superb substrate for acrylics, inks, silverpoint, oil pastels, gouache, watercolours and dry media such as soft pastels, charcoal and pencils. The surface will hold multiple layers of pastel without the need for fixative, allowing the velvet bloom and vibrant colour of pastel to be preserved. Erasing is also easy – simply lift off excess pastel with clear adhesive tape, brush off with a dampened or dry brush, or use a pencil eraser. Alternatively, errors can be overpainted or areas touched up with the matching colour of Art Spectrum Colourfix™ Primer. The tough, toothy surface can be sanded, scrubbed, soaked and reworked over and over. Colourfix Papers are available in three sizes: 20 colours in 340g/m2    in 24 x 32cm / 9 x 12” / 20 colours in 340g/m2 in 50 x 70cm / 20 x 28” / 7 colours in 340g/m2 in 70 x 100cm / 28 x 40 (Blue Haze, Elephant, Rose Grey, Sand, Soft Umber, White, Deep Black)
  3. Colourfix™ Supertooth (Museum Quality) For those who want an even toothier paper, without the gritty feel, 500gsm Archival Museum Grade base paper, ‘Natural White’ colour (Clear primer). The Supertooth Primer in also available in 250ml pots Natural White     500g/m2    70 x 100cm / 28 x 40”
  • Awagami Editioning Papers
  1. Kitakata: Primarily composed of gampi fibre: subtle gloss, soft surface, warm-toned, resilient and quite dense… Ideal for many types of printmaking.
  2. Kitakata Green: Primarily composed of gampi fibre: subtle gloss, soft surface, green-toned, resilient and quite dense… Ideal for many types of printmaking.
  3. Kitakata Select: Primarily composed of gampi fiber, this is a heavier weight with a subtle gloss, nice density and a soft surface printmakers love.
  4. Hosho select: The striped ‘laid’ lines are a unique characteristic of this high quality sheet. One of the most versatile washi papers it is particularly suitable for woodblock prints.
  5. Bamboo select: This paper ahas a small ecological footprint. Slightly heavier than with a lovley soft surface ideal for intaglio, block printing and letterpress.
  6. Shiramine Select: The relative thickness, generous sizing and easy colour makes this paper a versatile for many mediums: printmaking, painting and drawing.
  7. Kozo Natural select: This one is made of 80% long-fibered Kozo so it is exceptionally strong and pliable which makes it suitable for intaglio, mixed media work, bookbinding and art restoration.
  8. Okawara Select: With its warm natural colour, medium weight and subtle surface texture, this paper is a standard for printmaking students.
  9. Hakuho Select: Sturdy paper made from a blend of kozo and cotton, it is the first fine art paper in which East meets West! Its resilient surface will give unique textural depth to works created on it.
  10. Bunkoshi Select: This paper has a relatively deep natural colour and smooth surface. It is a classical Japanese paper for calligraphy and printmaking (no sizing).
  • Canson
  1. Blotting paper High quality blotting paper 250g/m² available in 50 x 65 sheets
  2. Figueras Canvas sketch paper Ready-to-use traditional linen canvas textured paper for practice sketches or finished paintings in acrylic or oil Available in 290g/m² pads in A5, A4, A3 and A2 as well as in sheets: 290g/m²  61 x 86cm
  3. Cartridge paper Fine tooth paper with a good erasability. Perfect for finished drawings in pen, pencil, marker, charcoal and pastel. Sheets White     110g/m²     A2: 42 x 59.4cm   and A1: 59.4 x 84.1cm / Sheets Black     140g/m²  A3: 29.7 x 42cm/ Pads:     White    available in 110g/m² &  220g/m² and in A4, A3 and A2 sizes (50 sheets)/ Pads:     Black     available in 140g/m²  in A4 and A3 size (30 sheets)
  4. Mi-Teintes multi purpose papers have incredible lightfast colors and rough texture (55% coton) making this the perfect acid free foundation for pastel, pencil, gouache, charcoal, etc 50 colours     160g/m²     55 x 75cm
  5. Mi-TeintesTEX  Ready made extra fine tooth papers printed on 355gsm hot press watercolour paper in 20 beautiful mi-teintes colours. This prepared paper is a superb substrate for acrylics, inks, silverpoint, oil pastels, gouache, watercolours and dry media such as soft pastels, charcoal and pencils. (cf above as this is the direct competition to the Colourfix range.) 20 colours in 355g/m²  available in A3+ sheets and 20 colours in  65 x 75 sheets
  6. Mixed media paper in sheets: 300g/m²  61 x 86cm
  7. Tracing Paper from the inventors! Available in rolls and sheets, Opalux is a heavyweight, acid free paper with an extra smooth finish. It’s perfect for drawing, pen, ink and fibre tips. Available in 95g/m² and 115g/m² in 1.10 x 20m roll as well as 180g/m² sheets in A4 and A1
  8. Montval paper in  300 g/m² CP available in A3, 55 x 75 sheets, 75 x 101cm sheets
  9. Iris Vivaldi in 240 g/m² available in 44 colours – A4 Sheets
  • Fluid watercolour paper is available in two qualities: 100% cotton rag and cellulose. We stock their extensive range of pads in both qualities and they offer many interesting sizes… we also stock the sheets (300gsm CP 22×30″)
  • Hahnemuhle from Germany – renowned for their sensitive qualities – perfect for aquatints, difficult mezzotints, etching and retroussage drypoints. The heavier papers can be used for collagraphs and embossing. 100% alpha cellulose which is acid-free fibre of vegetable origin. Textured. Available in Off White, 230 gsm and 300 gsm in  78 x 106 cm and in Warm White, 300 gsm, 80.5 x 120 cm
  • Lana : This small independent old French mill produces excellent papers at reasonable prices. The Bristol we stock is a good strength paper which allows erasure and sanding. As it has no ink absorption, it will actually give a gloss to all inks when used. Lana Bristol Smooth Card 250gsm, hot pressed 50 x 65
  • Saunders Bockingford This watercolour paper has its fans… available in 56 x 76cm sheets in 300 g/m², $425 g/m² and 585 g/m²
  • Strathmore This toned gray or tan paper is beautiful to drawn on… we stock their full range of pads – sizes are more or less A5/4/3/2  in 118 g/m²
  • Stonehenge This lovely smooth 100% cotton paper is slightly mottled to resemble vellum. Suitable for washes, printmaking, pen and ink, pencil or pastel. Each sheet has two deckle edges and 2 straight.

Available in 55.9 x 76.2mm in 245 g/m² in 7 colors (black, cream, fawn, grey, white, natural and warm white) in 76.2 x 111.8mm in 245 g/m² in 2 colours (warm white and white)

  • Sennelier 
  1. Pastel Card Pad for soft pastel. charcoal and pencil 6 shades x 12 sheets 30 x 40 360grs. This card is pH neutral and has a specially formulated coloured coating containing cork powder, so finished work does not require fixative.
  2. Oil Pastel pad 12 acid free sheets 340gr 30 x 40
  3. Drawing and gouache sketching albums 125g/m² and 200g/m² paper


Acetate in A4, A3, A2 and roll
Butcher’s paper: 60 x 90
Glassine: 50 x 75
Mulberry paper: Handmade white 65gsm – 64x94cm
Newsprint: High quality butcher’s paper 80gsm – 1mx76cm
Tissue paper: Acid-free 75 x 55
Transfer paper Saral Graphite or White 8.5” x 12” (A4+)
Yupo: Synthetic paper 100gsm  650 x 910

and lots and lots of beautiful Indian, Chinese, Nepalese, Japanese papers: Abaca, Kozo, Lokta in natural, lace, striped, metallic or with mango, banana or tamarino leaf incrustations… you’ll want them all!

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