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Strolling through the posts, you will find heaps of info about art materials, art stores around the world, interviews of paint makers and other craftsmen and women of the trade… you can also subscribe and get them as they come out!

My latest posts?

in bed with… Master Paint-maker David Coles in which you get to know more the man and philosophy behind Langridge mediums and paint


in bed with Jim Cobb (aka Mr Chroma)

and a few other recent ones:

Hand in hand with his visit and demo to our store, my interview of John Cogley, CEO of Daniel smith

Calligraphy, the art of fin(er) writing – Part 1

It’s mainly about the making of beautiful Sumi ink at the Kobaien factory in Nara (Japan)

while part 2 Calligraphy, the art of fin(er) writing – Part 2

is about a visit to a delightful store in Paris, Mélodies Graphiques et its charming owner Eric de Tughy, calligrapher extraordinaire.

How about a visit to a little town in Japan that produces 80% of the brushes in the country… they have a delightful brush museum, 80 traditional brushmakers and even a brush grave! Intrigued? click on A journey of a thousand strokes starts with a good brush

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