Acrylic mediums

It might look like we stock only the Golden ones and… must say their full range (which we carry) is extensive but we also keep all the Matisse and Chroma mediums and a few from other brands: Liquitex, Pébéo… when we think they are worth it! We have added links to the above brands as it would take pages and pages to go into the details of these but have listed the Golden ones below…

  • Golden has it all! If you want tech info on any of these products, please go to Golden’s website which is utterly comprehensive.
  1. Gessos and Grounds: White & black gesso, Sandable hard gesso, Absorbent ground, Acrylic ground for pastels, GAC100 as a support sealer.
  2. Gels mediums, a whole range to build texture, extend paints and change finishes: Self-Leveling Clear Gel, Soft/Regular/Heavy/Extra Heavy Gel (in Gloss, Semi-gloss and Matte) High solid gel (in Gloss and Matte), Fine/Coarse/Extra coarse Pumice gel, Clear Granular and Clear Tar, Garnet gel in fine and coarse.
  3. Molding Pastes, to build texture, exist in Regular, Light, Hard and Extra heavy
  4. Mediums: First there is a whole range of Acrylic polymers which come under the exciting names of GAC 100, 200, 400, 500, 700, 800 and 900. They all have difference qualities of course (and don’t ask me about the 300 and 600 as I have a hard enough time remembering what the existing ones do!). Then there is Matte, Fluid Matte and Super loaded matte medium, Acrylic Glazing liquid in gloss and satin (can’t glaze matte!), Airbrush medium and extender and Silkscreen to complete the list.
  5. Additives change the working properties of your product without changing the paint layer. They do not have a binder so should be used sparingly or you might end with tacky or uneven films or some foam formation. This said, both the Retarder and the Acrylic Flow release are very useful…
  6. Varnishes: For full description please go to the varnishes post.

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