Hog bristles, synthetic, squirrel, ox ear, Taklon, Kolinsky red sable, Kevrin, interlocked extra white hog bristles, badger, pony hair… we really have a huge choice… But that’s not all… you’ll need to also choose the shape: point, flat, filbert, bright or cat’s tongue are only the most common ones but you also find deer-foot, mop, dagger, liner, spalter, flogger, cod-tail and many other interesting names! Finally you’ll need to decide the size… from a tenth of a zero, 10/0 (not much to look at there) to a 20 and beyond. Brushes are a world in themselves and if you want to know more about them to help you choose the perfect one for your media and style… please come to either store which has a knowledgeable staff or, if you want to come prepared, you could have a read of my blog first.

As for the brands we carry, there they are: Escoda, Holbein, Isabey, NAM, NEEF, Princeton, Raphael, Royal & Langnickel, Sterling Edwards plus all sorts of Japanese and Chinese calligraphy brushes, one-offs and students’ sets

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