We like our markers here and have quite a few texta artists in the area too…  we stock lots of sets of liners, calligraphy pens, colour markers, Sharpies, gel pens, etc. and some ranges too because we think they all answer a different need!!

Copic : Permanent pigment ink Fineliners and refillable fineliners, Copic : Ciao alcohol markers (chisel + brush tips) in 144 colours, Posca pens: acrylic paint in a marker, full ranges in 1, 3, 5, 8mm and broad, Sakura: Pigma micron Permanent pigment ink Fineliners, Tomboy: watersoluble markers (fine and brush tips), in 96 colours

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  • Copic : Permanent pigment ink Fineliners and refillable fineliners are also compatible with our Copic Ciao markers. These dry water-proof – the ink will not bleed with water after the pen line has completely dried and come in nine nib sizes… all pretty fine (0.03mm to 1.0) and include a couple of brush- tipped ones in Medium and Small.
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  • Copic : Ciao alcohol markers (with dual chisel + brush tips) in 144 colours are refillable and the most economical entry point into quality alcohol markers.

Copic developed quality alcohol markers for the Japanese manga industry but these are ideal for all styles of art, design, illustration, and crafts. Durable, refillable, and featuring replaceable nibs,  they are both permanent and non-toxic. Their unique, flexible brush allows for smooth blends and paint-like application. The alcohol based inks are easy to blend and dry acid free. Also, the open time on uncoated papers is limitless, so you can go back and re-wet the ink years later!


  • Posca pens: acrylic paint in a marker… we carry their full range in all colours and sizes!

Their ink is waterproof (yes! perfect to drawn on your surfboard!), fade resistant, non toxic and has a growing list of happy colours –including a few glittering ones. Poscas’ can be used on virtually anything metal, wood, glass, plastic, plaster, canvas BUT they are removable on glass which makes them super practical to sell your van at the end of the surfing season!

  • Sakura Pigma micron: Permanent pigment ink Fineliners

These were invented by Sakura over 25 years ago who discovered who to reduce pigment particles to a submicron size allowing them for the first time to produce markers with pigment inks as opposed to low-grade dye inks as had been the case until then. They are still a lot of drawers’ favorite so we stock them too no, in all sizes.

  • Tomboy: watersoluble markers (fine and brush tips), in 96 colours

With their flexible brush tip which works like a paint brush and fine tip on the other end to make neat lines, Tomboys are pretty fun to play with… especially that having a water-based ink makes them blendable on paper but even on the tips of one another. You can also dip them in water and  turn them into a virtual watercolour… lots of YouTube videos if you have an interest!