Still @ the centre is a beautiful space dedicated to your art, creativity and inspiration

A place in which to bring your dreams, share the technical issues you encounter in making those come true so that, together, we can find the creative solutions to suit your art and your budget.

We took our time choosing our art supplies, compared, studied and researched and slowly grew to a truly extensive range of the finest art materials from all over the world. We are happy to give you advice on art materials in the shop or online…

and you can also check Sabine’s blog about art materials to see if the answer’s there!

We’ve put together the best ingredients and now we wait for you, the cook, the wizard, the artist! Because an atelier is a lively place, a place of creativity and sharing, a place in which to meet, talk and laugh, a place of joy and friendship, and most definitely always a place in which… all colours are welcome!   See you soon

PS… just a few more words about the other side of our lives, i.e. the arts’ residency in Provence we run from April till September! It’s nestled in the middle of olive groves in the heart of Van Gogh’s dramatic and beautiful landscape, near Arles. This small haven offers simple but pleasant lodgings and a studio space for all artists to retreat and mature projects in. It is our dream to build over the years a bridge between France and Australia for artists of all ilk: writers, painters, sculptors…. maybe even musicians and dancers! If you might have an interest (could become yours for a little as two weeks and as long as three months), please proceed to the Ateliers Fourwinds’ website.

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  1. Felicity Dynes says:

    Please send me your abn. I have a receipt and can’t read it and I can’t look you up by your name as company does not exist.

    1. admin says:

      HI Felicity, sorry you cannot read the receipt anymore… they do fade quickly! Our ABN is 73153 262 332 and company name does exist! all the best Sabine

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