On top of various students’ starter boxes with tubes or pans, we now have 6 full ranges of artist watercolours in stock offering all sorts of presentations… Sennelier‘s half pans and 10ml tubes to Holbein‘s 5ml tubes and Daniel Smith‘s 15ml tubes, some liquid “ready made” ones: Ecoline. Then, of course, there are also some student sets and watercolor pencils… I can already hear you whisper “Too many choices!” but actually they all are quite different so to make up your mind please… scroll down.


  • Holbein : 108 colours Available in 5ml tubes

For the past 100 years Holbein has developed and produced its moist transparent watercolor as an industry leader in brush handling qualities, light fastness, physical permanence, colour vigor and a full range palette that retains its clean, crisp and brilliant characteristics.

  • Sennelier : “L’aquarelle” 98 colours available in 1/2 pans and 10ml tubes

Sennelier is to France what Winsor and Newton is to England, the main supplier of watercolours since the 19th century. Ranges are similar but quality and price made us choose Sennelier. Made from specially selected gum arabic and honey, the prewetted pigments are ground in the original porcelain machines used till the present day to offer incomparable quality of application and superb washes. The range has recently been revamped and extended to 98 strong colours.

  • Daniel Smith : 216 colours Available in 15ml tubes

Dan Smith started his business in the US in 1976, dedicated to bringing the highest quality inks to the print-artist community. Then, in 1993, he set out to create a line of  watercolors with one goal in mind: to create the very best watercolor available. His pigments come from every continent except Antarctica and the sheer range of possibility they offer is endless and unparalleled in the industry. Their diversity is amazing, from the subtle earth tones of Hematite, Zoisite, Tiger’s Eye and Minnesota Pipestone to the exquisite jewel shades of Rhodonite, Purpurite, Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli Genuine, and an extensive range of Quinacridones, the brightest and boldest colors modern technology has to offer… He is also the only one to offer a line of duochromes, interferences, pearlescents and iridescents colours… yum… to try them is to want them!

  • Talens : “Ecoline” Liquid Watercolours 46 colours + opaque white and gold

Ecoline colours are ready to use liquid water colour paint for diverse creative applications, they have excellent adhesion to drawing and watercolour papers and boards. This extensive range comes in a handy 30ml square bottle with a wide neck.

Mark my words, I believe the combo of these new tools and a new, more modern, generation of watercolourists could quite bring around a little revolution in the near future!

Watercolor pencils and pastels

  1. Watercolour pencils are another important tool in watercolours techniques. These water-soluble colour pencils allow you to draw fine details and then blend them with water. We stock a variety of tins ofWatercolour pencils and the full range of the Derwent Inktense pencils.
  2. Watercolour pastels allow to draw bigger details than watercolor pencils, and to fill quickly large surfaces with lots of pigment. We stock Caran d’Ache’s NeoColour II sets of watersolube oil pastels.

ALSO USEFUL… watercolour and gouache VARNISH (matt and gloss), BLENDING medium, OX GALL, Watercolour and Gouache BINDER (to make your own with pigments), ARABIC GUM, MASKING fluid, IRIDESCENT medium and more…

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