Gouache, an opaque watercolour, has actually been around for much longer than watercolour. Like it, gouache will not dry waterproof but its colour mass is much more solid looking. We stock what we have left of  Holbein’s “Irodori” gouache, a Japanese company that has been making watercolour for a long time and has many unusual colours in the range but unfortunately are discontinuing them. Pébéo’s student range in generous tubes… great for kids (as gouache is non toxic and water-soluble) and  Senellier’s artist range, their colours are traditional but its probably one of the rare high quality gouache around and the fun to play with Schmincke bronze powders with a dry gouache binder that can marry with all of them.

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(PS Products’ descriptions will be followed by BB for Byron Bay / BA for Ballina or M for Mullumbimby to indicate availability in those stores. BB alone stands for available only in Byron Bay.)


  • Holbein : BB a few of 48 colours in 15ml tubes are still available

These antique “Irodori” gouaches enhance the existing range of Holbein watercolours with the hues of the ancient pigments used in Japan and China for centuries. Delicate and highly saturated, these colours will granulate more freely and tend to be more opaque, in the true Asian fashion. Mixed with a little gum arabic but not too much because of their exceptional pigment density, they have no ox-gall added as this chemical can impede brushwork and decrease vibrancy of the washes. Irodori is mat and flat and will dry hard so squeeze only what you need from your tube!

  • Pébéo : white and black Studio gouache in 220ml tubes (all 23 colours are available on order)

With its transparent, practical and economical 220ml tube, Studio Gouache is a particularly attractive idea for artists and students. It offers them a trichromatic black and a true, balanced primary system, which by mixing the binary shades results in pale grey tones. The lively and intense Studio Gouache colours dry in perfectly uniform flat areas while retaining their effect, without dusting. Studio Gouache is ideal for producing models, studies, decors and illustrations. Mixed with the colour, ox gall increases adhesion to the base. When dry, works can be protected with gouache varnish.

  • Sennelier : BB/BA & M 59 colours available in 21ml tubes

This range of colours is manufactured using Sennelier artists’ quality pigments and superior natural gums. The unctuous consistency of these colours enables the creation of regular backgrounds. These gouaches, which contain no vinyl, have exceptional colouring power, giving deep and opaque brush strokes. They are mixable with each other and are highly colourfast (with the exception of a few clearly mentioned tones, necessary for illustration work). Water-soluble, they can be mixed with watercolours and inks to obtain other combinations of opacity and transparency.

  • Schmincke : BB/BA & M Tro-Col Bronze Pigments Sold in 20ml glass jars

6 brilliant bronzes, copper, silver, aluminium and golds in dry powder for gouache painting. Simply moist your brush a little bit, dip in and sprinkle fairy golds etc. on all your dry paper works. Mixable with all kind of gouache and watercolours.

ALSO USEFUL… watercolour and gouache VARNISH (matt and gloss), BLENDING medium, OX GALL, Watercolour and Gouache BINDER (to make your own with pigments), ARABIC GUM, MASKING fluid, IRIDESCENT medium and more…

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