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If you are a fan of art materials then you should discover my blog:

For some years now I have been writing this blog (on and off mind you as I was pretty busy in the shop too) and, behind the screen, collecting more knowledge about art materials whilst visiting all over the world the lovely people who make your brushes, paints, pastels and paper!
I have now chosen to super charge with information all those pages in the back of the site and to share with you all the articles I have written about my visits.
Browse the site… it’s far from done but there are already some good pages. You could check out my new Pigments pages by clicking here, however, your interest might be more in oil paint, oil sticks or brushes so click on those.
If you choose to subscribe to my blog, you will received directly in your mail all my upcoming pages and articles… please feel free to do so… I would so love to grow this community!
Spreading the love and the paint,

PS By the way, I am not selling anything on this blog, you can safely just read and, if you enjoyed it, share with friends, t’is all about the passion, nothing else!


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