Coming full circle in acrylics


At some stage last year, the full circle of acrylics was completed. For the first time ever, one could play with anything from a heavy body paint all the way to an acrylic ink, staying in the same range of professional artist quality paint, just as highly pigmented one from another… simply, well, totally different!

We thought it was time we offered a demo day to explore all these options and artist and Golden educator Turiya Bruce seemed just the one to guide us gracefully through this maze of options. You will get your brushes into all these tubes and bottles but we will concentrate on the little new one, the High Flow, and all its opportunities for pouring, glazing, airbrushing, filling markers… etc.!

Join us on Saturday 19th March from 11am to 1pm. This is a free event (please book by calling 6685 5808) and commitment is essential!!!



As always here is a relevant link to my latest blog post about the Golden residency offered in their beautiful “barn” in up state New York… you want to go there, promise!

And too a little discount for the month of March to entice you try out the High Flows… see you soon!


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