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If you paint on canvas you know there are various qualities of canvases and frames. These range from cheap, polyester/cotton blends stretched on frail timber frames badly assembled, to exquisite 100% cotton or linen canvases woven in Europe and North America, hand stretched on dry and solid stretcher bars. But perhaps you think the price difference between them is not worth your effort? Then, please, read on…

Our range of PROFESSIONAL canvases aim for the very best quality in all components… but also everything is up to you! You choose the size… we sometimes have a few standard sizes in stock but our PROFESSIONAL canvases can be made to your choice of size at no extra price. You choose the depth of your canvas… 2 or 4 cm are standard, while 3cm is an option too. You choose the canvas… we offer you a choice of cotton or linen, white or black (in cotton and medium linen) primed or unprimed (those are actually primed ones reversed… a lot easier to work on). For the linen, you have the added choice of three blends, two “feels”: medium or coarse. We now also stock polycotton which really stretches tight and apparently doesn’t mould as much as cotton (a definite advantage around here!)

As far as quality is concerned don’t just take our word for it… first, look at the back!

We design our very own bracing and stretcher bars. Both are high quality pine with all angles rounded, as no edges means no more marks on the front of the canvas. And, when designing our stretcher bars sloped, we’ve made sure the angle was right to get rid of those ridge marks all along the sides of your canvas. We also made sure there would be strong bracing to support the bigger frames on the corners, across or crisscrossing depending on the size. The finishing is also impeccable: the staples are taped over and canvases are ready to hang (both ways!).

And now the front… but do you want to go for the white or the blue flower?

COTTON, the white flower

Our COTTON canvas is a 12oz, 100% cotton. It’s heavyweight (more like denim) and pleasantly textured, displaying small cotton seeds on the surface –a sure sign of a good quality canvas. Also, our priming is bright white and free from any noxious or toxic substances.

LINEN, the blue flower

If good quality cotton canvas is great to paint on… just wait until you try LINEN. (But watch out because many artists tell us that when they made the switch, their painting got so much better that there was no going back!) Yes, it’s more expensive than cotton yet its a strong and durable cloth that can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before it feels damp so you can “play” with your canvas that has more “give”. The source of linen fibres is the flax plant, whose fibres are stronger than any other natural fibre. These fibres are round, not flat like cotton, which gives linen fabrics their irregular texture. Chemically, the fibres are 70 to 80 per cent cellulose and contain the same oil that is found in the plant’s seeds, that is linseed oil. The natural content of linseed oil preserves the fibres and keeps them flexible. The rope-like quality of the linen fibres produces an irregular texture which is especially ideal for figurative painting because of the sense of depth it gives to the surface. Our linen canvas has triple priming on a foundation sealer, it is traditionally woven to the highest quality, it’s acid-free and suitable for all techniques.

POLYCOTTON is our new blend and the professional polycotton 12oz artists canvas we chose is made to highest quality, milled from 52% Polyester & 48% Cotton. This artist canvas is tightly woven which produces a fantastic painting surface, smooth, great for detailed work, resin work and drum-tight stretching that holds! Apparently it’s also a lot less prone to moulding (a nice plus around here!) Just if you were wondering why not full polyester, it’s because polycotton is far better to stretch and creates much better elasticity in the fabric having the blend of the two materials, helping it hold its shape and staying tight once stretched. Polyester although smooth is quite stiff and does not stretch as well as poly cotton.

And in between the back and the front?

The workbench

Well… that’s where our “stretched @ the centre” promise becomes a reality. Firstly because all our frames are hand-made in Still @ the centre’s workshop, but also because, whatever PROFESSIONAL canvas you choose, we’ll stretch it tight on our frames so that your canvas will remain firmly stretched… even in the centre!

We might have in stock a few of our Professional canvases but if you want to make sure the size you’re after available… it’s best you give us a call, that way, if it isn’t, we can always make one just for you! (Please call for a quote at your desired size/fabric.)

BUT… we’re not saying buying top quality is always necessary. Knowing that, we have carefully chosen CreateART as a very good value range of superior quality ready-made canvases and we stock their entire range (over 90 sizes) at all times. The stretcher bars are solid with bracing in the gallery quality and the cotton is good, corners are not cut (as in some brands) and we feel they are most definitely worth the extra few dollars compared to the dollar stores ones!! In cotton, they come, in the eco range, in 2 different depths (1.8 and 3.8). They also offer a better quality “Gallery” stretcher in cotton (11.2oz pure cotton) in polycotton (15oz polycotton) and in linen with either transparent or white gesso (15oz pure linen). The Gallery quality canvases are 35mm deep, suitable for oil and acrylic, triple primed with acrylic gesso, double stapled on premium pine stretcher bars with 58mm corner bracing. If the sizes suit you, the price is unbeatable! (Click CreateArt + boards w prices for sizes and price list)

We also stock a few other products which might interest you…
CANVAS PER METRE (in 2.10m wide) We stock cotton canvas primed in black and white in 12oz, polycotton 14oz primed in white, medium linen in black and white (12oz) or coarse linen (14oz) in white
PAINTING BOARDS: We stock a range of pine painting panels with back bracing ready to be gessoed or what suits your fancy! ) and also some alumium panels which are becoming very popular.

Round, oval, cotton, linen, primed, raw, panels or canvases

Please note that we do try and keep our prices up to date on this website, but cannot guarantee that they always are valid as our suppliers alter their prices without notice too! If you want to be sure of our current price, please contact us.

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